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A bathroom has always been seen as a place where people take their showers, and if a mirror was to be placed on its wall it was for one to make sure that they are in good shape. With the introduction of designer wall mirrors suitable for decoration, it has dawned to many that it would be a way of making your bathroom more classy and beautiful. This is why you find people looking for the best quality mirrors to place on their bathroom walls, which do not only make their decoration more beautiful but also makes the room look more spacious. We sell designer & trendy decoration items, which includes the best mirrors that are very durable, trendy and classy.  Our products are manufactured by professional experts; people that besides having the expertise to make the best mirrors also use the best materials. This means that your request “I need classy mirrors to enhance my bathroom decoration shall be responded to without hesitation, the reason why you should purchase our products.

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We are that very reliable online shop, where clients do not only visit because they find quality items but also due to affordability in our prices. We sell trendy & designer mirrors that are installed on bathroom walls, without charging you more than necessary. There are other times that we receive calls or emails from clients who require our shipping services, but then this has to be determined by the price of the item and the distance. There are many places you will visit and find designer wall interior decor items for sale, but if you want to purchase quality accessories that will reach you on time you should trust us. We highly value your time, and as such we will not keep you waiting. Clients have always bought and received their items within the time they have specified, therefore be sure that your bathroom will be as beautiful as you need it within no time. Apart from mirrors, we also sell bathroom interior decor wall accessories which you can purchase at any time 24/7. 

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Circular LED Mirror

Mirrors with light are perfect for makeup applications and shaving. They are modern fashion designs with LED chip. They are energy saving and affordable. Also, they are decorative, attractive and they come in different sizes and shapes. They are good for home and hotel décor.

KSh14,800.00  KSh12,300.00

Rectangular LED Mirror

These are LED mirrors with a touch switch. They are high quality silver mirrors and they come in different shapes and sizes but their thickness is the same, 5mm. They have very smooth and fine endings and their fashioned back frame is sealed by a sealing strip to prevent electric shock and water from entering inside the mirror. They are modern, unique, classy and decorative. They are also safe to be used in bathrooms, bedrooms, Livingrooms, hotel rooms and offices.

KSh14,500.00  KSh12,300.00

LED Decorative Mirror

These are LED mirrors which are very low in consumption hence making them good in energy saving. They are also corrosion and rust prevented. Also, they are anti-radiation and waterproof. They can be used in bathrooms, bedrooms, offices and in any other rooms. They come in different sizes and shapes.

KSh17,500.00  KSh13,735.00

Small Rectangular Mirror

LED mirrors provides light much like natural light and aids in viewing yourself clearly even during the night. These mirrors are also used to decorate the room. Beautifying with mirrors is a great way to fill wall spaces and hiding wall faults. They are environmental friendly, affordable, durable and of good quality.

KSh16,500.00  KSh13,325.00

Rectangular LED Mirror

If you are looking to add more style to your bathrooms, bedrooms or even your offices, LED mirrors can be easy way to do so. These mirrors can be as a focal point in your room décor. They add a touch of elegancy, sophistication, modernity and boldness. They have other features such as they are anti-fog, which means one won’t have to worry about wiping them after a shower.

KSh25,000.00  KSh19,680.00

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