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Pictures or prints have been mostly known to be used for interior decoration in a house or office, but now such items can also be beneficial in creating brand’s awareness.  There are various shops that sell canvas pictures suitable for promotion of a brand, which are very well drafted in a way that they will attract the customers. A picture or a print do not only require to be drawn, but also to be well displayed with the right language and appearance that will effectively tell the client about your brand. There are various prints made of canvas that are used for branding, and to find them you need to purchase from a reliable shop. The reason why canvas is used is because it is of very high quality, although various shops will buy cheap products that aren’t original. We liaise with the most trustworthy manufacturers, thus guaranteeing the best branding prints & pictures which are made of canvas.

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Although there are very many shops selling items made of canvas, it will be very hard to find a place where they are quality and still sold at favorable rates. We are that a reliable shop that sells both online and physically, while still offering tips on how to create brand awareness through canvas pictures. Whether you are a client purchasing our items from a far or nearby, you should be sure of receiving your accessories without failure. Our prices are never a threat to your financial status, since our prices are very affordable.  We are familiar with all the tips followed in promotion of a brand using prints, which we shall provide within the deadline you have given without delays. This will be a very effective way to expand your business, since the better the strategies of brand promotion the more the sales. If you want to know how to ensure promotion of products through branding, why not try our products which are very durable, beautiful and classy. 

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African Woman Wall Painting

A picture is worth a thousand words and as well as providing a welcoming environment to customers and guests. Pictures also help to communicate and bring life to a dead space. These paintings are for african woman 100% handmade, new, modern and have unique designs hence used for decoration purposes in homes, offices, lobby, saunas and hotels.

KSh10,500.00  KSh9,650.00

Abstract Wall Painting

Wall painting pictures is one of the most modern ways of wall decoration. Pictures provides a welcoming environment to customers and guests. Pictures also blends well with surrounding paints they also help to communicate and bring life to a dead space. These paintings rejuvenate your spirit by giving your house a modern wall art decor hence used for decoration purposes in the bedrooms, kitchen, living rooms and study rooms.


Landscape Wall Painting

This is a landscape painting which create the effect of an extra window in your room. This landscape art is unique, classy, modern and decorative. Landscape wall paint can be used in homes, restaurants, hotels and conference rooms.


Water Bodies Wall Painting

Landscape paintings is soothing and relaxing because most of the time our bodies respond positively to nature and it tends to be a focal point of the room. This wall painting also blends well with surrounding paints making the room look more attractive, eye appealing and modern. This painting is capturing bodies of water and is commonly used in homes, hotel rooms and living rooms.

KSh10,500.00  KSh9,750.00

Flower Wall Painting

Modern paintings art decor is a great idea for an original decoration of your home. The unique wall painting art will enliven any room and redefine your living style. Wall paintings are also a great idea for a gift for your relatives and friends.


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Most of our products can be sold alone and are available in different colors and types. 


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We sell selected products that enhance each other to offer a composite décor effect.


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