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Maybe your idea of having a plaque was to have your award fixed on it, but after putting it on a wall you realized that it was making your house look very beautiful. There are a variety of decorative plaques that are suitable for a wall, which comes in different sizes and colors. It has dawned to many people that plaques are very beautiful and can be used for decoration purposes, and as such having a rapid sprouting of various shops selling such accessories. If you need durable plaques that are ready and on sale, you should trust us since we are among the few and very reliable shops that sell the best selection of items. We are a one stop shop, where various interior decor items are sold. This means that if you are also looking for wall sculptures, you can count on us. We have custom sculptures that are hanged on walls for decorative purposes, which may very well accompany plaques and make your house look very beautiful.

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When we say that we are a shop you can trust to sell the best items to you, we actually mean exactly that. You may have visited other shops that sell wall plaques and sculptures among other items, but it is until you visit that you will realize that quality products can be bought at affordable prices.  When looking for decorative & classy sculptures that are on sale, you should never look beyond our shop seeing that our products are made from the best quality materials. There is one thing that makes our products preferred as compared to other shops, which is the durability and legitimacy of our items. If you feel “I need custom plaques set on sale that I can fix on my wall for decoration” purchasing our products will never lead to disappointments. It is high time that you give your house that very beautiful look, and that’s one thing that we ensure by selling you the best interior decor items. Whenever you need custom sculptures & plaques that can make a wall very presentable, why not visit us and see the difference we help you make in your house

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Sunshine Plaque

Make your spouse feel special every time by presenting this humorous sunshine wooden hanging wall plaque. The message on this plaque is guaranteed to put a smile on their face and make them feel loved every time.


Relax Plaque

This relax iron plaque is a great addition to be used in the living room and at the entrance of your home. It adds a warm element and welcoming atmosphere in the house and can also be a remainder to remove footwear.


Merry Christmas Plaque

Christmas comes ones in a year and this iron Christmas plaque is a fantastic way to get you and your family into the holiday spirit. It is decorative due to its rusty effect. It is aslo durable and affordable


Hope Plaque

Give this hope plaque to those who are embarking on a new life change as a reminder that with God, their future is bright and their hope is great. Perfect for office and home.


Happy New Year Plaque

This is an iron handmade happy new year plaque which can be hanged on the wall to give your room or office a new look and it can be given as a gift to the loved ones. The message is also very nice especially for another new year.


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Most of our products can be sold alone and are available in different colors and types. 


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We sell selected products that enhance each other to offer a composite décor effect.


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