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Any wall of a house or office that has one color can be termed as good, but if you want a change for the best you can always use wall hangings as a way of decorating your house. There are various interior decoration wall hangings for sale, which are sold at different prices regarding the size and quality. The best thing about wall hangings is that there is no formula used to put them on the wall, since you only need to hang them. If you are looking for the best place to buy designer & classy interior decoration items,  you should count yourself very lucky seeing that we have the most beautiful and classy items. We ensure to liaise with the best manufacturers that create the best items using quality materials, which mean that the accessories we sell are of very elegant and classy. If you need beautiful and designer interior wall decoration items, you can fully count on us.

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If you are very ready to purchase wall hangings, the best place to visit will be our shop. This is not because we are the only place that designer & trendy wall hangings that serve as decor of interiors are found, but also because of the affordability of our products. We do not have hidden charges, which mean that you will not be paying more than necessary. You are our much esteemed client; therefore at any given time you visit our shop we will sell the best at very affordable rates. We sell decor of interiors which include quality wall hangings, an assurance that if you need other accessories for decoration you can purchase at our shop. The best thing about our shop is that our products never disappoints, considering that we choose the items that are made from very high quality materials. If you realize that “I need decor of interiors I can easily purchase online,” why not give us a call or email today and be sure of no regrets at all.

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Abstract Wall Painting

Wall painting pictures is one of the most modern ways of wall decoration. Pictures provides a welcoming environment to customers and guests. Pictures also blends well with surrounding paints they also help to communicate and bring life to a dead space. These paintings rejuvenate your spirit by giving your house a modern wall art decor hence used for decoration purposes in the bedrooms, kitchen, living rooms and study rooms.


Landscape Wall Painting

This is a landscape painting which create the effect of an extra window in your room. This landscape art is unique, classy, modern and decorative. Landscape wall paint can be used in homes, restaurants, hotels and conference rooms.


Water Bodies Wall Painting

Landscape paintings is soothing and relaxing because most of the time our bodies respond positively to nature and it tends to be a focal point of the room. This wall painting also blends well with surrounding paints making the room look more attractive, eye appealing and modern. This painting is capturing bodies of water and is commonly used in homes, hotel rooms and living rooms.


Circular LED Mirror

Mirrors with light are perfect for makeup applications and shaving. They are modern fashion designs with LED chip. They are energy saving and affordable. Also, they are decorative, attractive and they come in different sizes and shapes. They are good for home and hotel d├ęcor.

KSh14,800.00  KSh12,300.00

Rectangular LED Mirror

These are LED mirrors with a touch switch. They are high quality silver mirrors and they come in different shapes and sizes but their thickness is the same, 5mm. They have very smooth and fine endings and their fashioned back frame is sealed by a sealing strip to prevent electric shock and water from entering inside the mirror. They are modern, unique, classy and decorative. They are also safe to be used in bathrooms, bedrooms, Livingrooms, hotel rooms and offices.

KSh14,500.00  KSh12,300.00

LED Decorative Mirror

These are LED mirrors which are very low in consumption hence making them good in energy saving. They are also corrosion and rust prevented. Also, they are anti-radiation and waterproof. They can be used in bathrooms, bedrooms, offices and in any other rooms. They come in different sizes and shapes.

KSh17,500.00  KSh13,735.00

Small Rectangular Mirror

LED mirrors provides light much like natural light and aids in viewing yourself clearly even during the night. These mirrors are also used to decorate the room. Beautifying with mirrors is a great way to fill wall spaces and hiding wall faults. They are environmental friendly, affordable, durable and of good quality.

KSh16,500.00  KSh13,325.00

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