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People do buy various types of items to decorate their houses, which includes walls arts and pictures that are drawn by use of hand. The reason why people prefer images that are hand drawn is the beauty behind it, but then it will only be guaranteed if you purchase high quality items. Wall arts, pictures and stickers come in different types and designs, and once you visit a shop you will specify what you need. We are a shop that sells stickers and pictures to fix on a wall, a place where people come with the expectations of buying nothing but the best. We not only sell items to you, but also ensure to offer advice on the type of items you should buy regarding the theme of your house. We are a both physical & online shop with stickers and pictures that have been drawn by hand, which means that your house or office will very much have the look that you prefer.

Wall Decoration Items for Sale

The problem that many clients face is not actually lack of the best items, but rather the distance and prices of the products. When your request goes “I need the best hand drafted arts or stickers I can use to decorate my wall,” it may be challenging to visit any shop with the worry that you will be charged more than necessary. You however have a reliable shop to visit and purchase the best products, a place where clients buy quality items at pocket friendly prices. One thing we would like to assure you is that we sell excellently drawn arts to be put on house or office walls, however the affordability in our prices do not mean that we sell goods made from substandard materials. Our manufacturers are highly reputable persons, which mean that the products we sell to you will always be of very high quality. Whenever you want to visit a reliable online shop that sells the best wall stickers, pictures and arts, we are your very best choice. 

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Star Shaped Wall Stickers

These are simple wooden star shaped wall stickers. They are decorative and they make any wall brighter and they introduce some unique wall décor to your home. These stickers are self-adhesive, making them easy to stick and to remove leaving no dirty marks on your wall. They come in different sizes and colors.

KSh1,000.00  KSh850.00

Butterfly Wall Stickers

The colorful patterned butterflies bring a burst of colors to your room. They also make a plain wall come to life. They can be used on plain walls, ceilings, wallpapers, cupboards, glasses or in the bathrooms. They are eco-friendly, removable, repositionable and they can be wiped.

KSh1,000.00  KSh850.00

Bird Wall Hooks

Bring the element of the outdoors into your home. These Bird style wall hooks will look great in your wall because they are stunningly beautiful and modern design. They are light in weight and comes in different colors.


Waterdrop Hook

These hooks are commonly used in the bathroom as a significant of a place where the water is running. They can also be used in the kitchen or anywhere there is sink to hang towels. Due to the uniqueness and seamless waterdrop design of these hooks they can also be used as wall decorative item in home or the office.


Happiness Plaque

Spice up your wall décor with this wooden wall plaque that is not only decorative but also with its creative art and a nice message. This wooden plaque can also be given to someone as gift and will not only be unique but meaningful to the recipient.


Superior Products Only

We Understand Interior Decor, Quality, Class & Value for Money!!


Single Products

Most of our products can be sold alone and are available in different colors and types. 


Complimenting Package

We sell selected products that enhance each other to offer a composite décor effect.


Gifts & Décor

The best item to send to someone as a gift should be beautiful, unique and trendy.


Must Have Items

There are products that go beyond decoration by serving our daily personal needs.


Opportunistic Décor

Many of our decorative products will fit in to an already decorated environment.


Make Up Décor

Sometimes you just need to add a few décor items to cover up existing errors.