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There are things that you cannot just put anywhere in the house, such as pictures, mirrors, certain clothes and various kitchen utensils. There are wall hooks used for hanging items, which comes in variety of sizes, shapes and styles. One thing about wall hooks and pegs is that they are easy to install, can be put anywhere around the house and can also change the look of your house. The wall hanging items may be wooden, plastic or metallic, and this is why you also find nail hooks also being used. If you happen to need nail wall hooks used to hang pictures, there are various places you can purchase such accessories. The best thing about the hooks is that they help you place your pictures, mirrors and utensils in a place that you want, which could also be suitable for interior decor. They also help you hang items such as clothes in a place where you can easily find them, which makes your life very enjoyable. Do not forget that there are trendy, designer and beautiful walls hanging pegs & hooks, which also enhance your interior decoration.

Wall Hanging Accessories for Sale

Like mentioned above, there are various places you can visit to buy wall hanging hooks which include our online shop. One thing we always ensure is that the manufacturers we liaise with use quality materials, therefore meting your request “I need pegs that resemble a nail(s) I can use in a house” shall be fully met. Our products come in a large variety, which means that you will be given the chance to choose what suits your preference. One thing that makes our items more preferred as compared to other shops is that they are very affordable, and therefore you won’t be facing financial crisis after purchasing our products. It won’t be hard to know how to use hanging pegs to decorate a house, since you only need to fix them on a wall. After placing an order of the items that you need, always be sure that there will be no delays in receiving our products. We are a very reliable online shop, a place that you can visit whenever you need pegs & nail wall hooks suitable for interior decor. Choose our products and you will never regret. 

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Animal Head Wall Hooks

Need to add a touch of beauty in any living space? Buy our unique animal head hooks to give any empty space in your house or office a new look. Our animal head hooks are not only functional but also decorative.


Bird Wall Hooks

Bring the element of the outdoors into your home. These Bird style wall hooks will look great in your wall because they are stunningly beautiful and modern design. They are light in weight and comes in different colors.


Waterdrop Hook

These hooks are commonly used in bathrooms, bedrooms and in closets. They add decorative accent to any room. They are made of wood which make them eco-friendly, creative gift and modern. They help in providing extra storage space in your room.


Digit Wall Hook

Add style to your home while increasing storage space with this elegant digits wall hooks. They are perfect for hanging jewelries, bags, educative charts and other small items. They are commonly used in the kid’s bedrooms, study rooms and in schools. They also create a unique design and beautiful piece of wall art.


Waterdrop Hook

These hooks are commonly used in the bathroom as a significant of a place where the water is running. They can also be used in the kitchen or anywhere there is sink to hang towels. Due to the uniqueness and seamless waterdrop design of these hooks they can also be used as wall decorative item in home or the office.


Frame Wall Hooks

These hooks are ideal for hanging picture frames, clocks or can also be used to decorate wooden wall. They come in different sizes, shapes and easy to use. They come complete with pins and are ideal for concrete or masonry walls. They are affordable, unique and they don’t break easily.


Superior Products Only

We Understand Interior Decor, Quality, Class & Value for Money!!


Single Products

Most of our products can be sold alone and are available in different colors and types. 


Complimenting Package

We sell selected products that enhance each other to offer a composite décor effect.


Gifts & Décor

The best item to send to someone as a gift should be beautiful, unique and trendy.


Must Have Items

There are products that go beyond decoration by serving our daily personal needs.


Opportunistic Décor

Many of our decorative products will fit in to an already decorated environment.


Make Up Décor

Sometimes you just need to add a few décor items to cover up existing errors.