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Before you purchase any kind of an item online, it is very key and necessary to inquire all about it to be sure that you won’t be taking the risk of buying less quality products. We are very sure that you also have various questions about our interior décor accessories, which we shall answer without hesitation once you visit us. There are a number of questions by the clients we have assisted in the past, and they are as outlined below;

How do Your Products Reach the Clients?

We are an online shop mainly, which means that any client that visits our website chooses the kind of accessories they need and place their order online. Once you have chosen, bought and paid for the item(s), you receive an order confirmation via email and an after sales call to confirm the purchase and to arrange delivery. We take the major step of delivering the items to the client which will, however, be determined by the distance, size, and cost of the purchased item(s).

Can I Consider your Products to be of the Best Quality?

Yes, you can. We do not just sell interior décor accessories for competition, but we ensure to choose the best kind of products that will help us create excellent items that are beautiful, durable and very classy. This means that you will not be decorating your house or office using outdated accessories, but items that will last longer and also make a great transformation.

How do you Determine the Pricing of your Items?

Many people feel worried about the mention of money, but then you do not need to worry seeing that our prices aren’t high. Some items may be sold at a higher price than others, which is basically determined by the type of decoration, class, material type, the size and the design used among other things. This, however, should not make you hesitate in choosing our products since our prices are pocket-friendly.

How Long Do I Have to Wait for the Sales to Complete?

We really care about the client’s well-being, and therefore we shall not keep you waiting for more than necessary. For pre-order and out of stock items, the selling duration differs per case but as quickly as possible. Otherwise for stock items, once you have chosen the kind of interior décor items that you prefer, we shall immediately negotiate on the price and that’s it; you will have your items delivered immediately after purchase.

Is there Money Back Guarantee?

This is not something that happens every day since you are the one choosing the items that suit your preference, but what really happens is replacing the items in case they break or get damaged while still with us. Once the interior décor items are in your custody, it’s not possible for us to accept them back or to refund money which is why we give you enough time to choose what you need. Until now we haven’t refunded any money since all our clients find our products very suitable, durable and great. This further is resolved by our after sales services that leave you satisfied.

These are just a few of the many questions asked by clients looking forward to purchasing our interior décor items, include yours in the list rest assured of a very satisfactory answer.

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