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Classy, Decorative Lights

Product Code: SGL0001
Availability: 4
Weight: 1.20kg
Dimensions: 0.00mm x 20.00mm x 37.00mm
Tags: Hot Product

Price: KSh7,980.00  KSh6,400.00

When you have decided to decorate your house or office, there are various things such as furniture, flowers and decorative lights that you must consider. Lighting in your house is very important since it is one of the aspects that influences your mood. If your sitting room, kitchen, dining room and bedroom are well lit, then you feel more comfortable and confident. Looking for classy, decorative lights to brighten your home? You can choose Petcarl Décor shop to provide you with decorative lights that will brighten your home. Among the lights that we sell are skirt and goblet chandelier lights that are made of wood. Skirt and goblet chandelier lights create a warm atmosphere for your house. You can buy decorative lights from our décor lights selling shop at anytime. A large number of varieties are available at our shop at affordable prices. You can have the product delivered to your ideal destination.

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