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Classy Floor Lamp

Product Code: RP0006
Availability: 20
Weight: 3.50kg
Dimensions: 172.00cm x 29.00cm x 19.00cm

Price: KSh10,050.00  KSh8,750.00

Lighting is one of the most important components in your home or office and a resin floor lamp is one of the best lamps to use. Resin floor lamps are always used in the living room, bedroom or office to illuminate your home. The essence of having such a good floor lamp around the house is not only to illuminate the home but also to enhance the beauty and at the same time have a clean environment & easy access to various items. For a shop to sell the best resin floor lamps, they have to liaise with manufacturers with the know-how of what resin is as well as its composite. Resin consists of three constituents, which include;

  • Resin matrix which is an organic content
  • Fillers which is an inorganic element
  • Coupling agent

Looking for a shop where you can buy a modern floor lamp at affordable prices? Petcarl-Décor is your one stop shop.

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