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Quality 3d & other Beautiful Wallpapers

Wallpapers - 3D, Plain, Flowery or PVC

Lately, 3D-commercial modern wallpapers are being used for interior décor are among the items that cover walls, to make an office or a home look much beautiful, elegant and classy. The coverings come in various types, which also have a variety of choices in terms of colors and sizes. 

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Self Adhesive Cartoon Wallpaper

Bring joy to your little princess room with this exclusive pink cartoon wallpaper. This wallpaper has a design and pattern that are repeated to give a special impression to your kids. This wallpaper is non-toxic, non-pollution and environment friendly.

KSh1,900.00  KSh1,700.00

Self Adhesive Boys Wallpaper

Every cartoon wallpaper creates an exciting idea for your kid’s room décor. This wallpaper can also be used in schools and hospital. This wallpaper also helps the young one’s dream and get inspired as it transforms the rooms interior décor making it their favorite place in the whole world.

KSh1,900.00  KSh1,700.00

Self Adhesive Vegetation Wallpaper

Use of wallpaper adds unique style in your room in minutes. 3d self-adhesive rock wallpaper transform a room quickly and easily. This wallpaper can be used on TV walls, corridors, kitchen because it’s waterproof, sound absorbing and heat insulation.

KSh2,100.00  KSh1,800.00

Green Wallpaper

Green is one of the most natural and serene color for interior decorating. This color brings simplicity to the wall installed and looks great as a living room and bedroom wallpaper.

KSh2,350.00  KSh2,000.00

Orange Wallpaper

Orange wallpapers create warmth and a feeling of comfort in your room. Orange is warm and inviting color to use in your living room, corridors, dining area and can blend very well with other colors like brown.

KSh2,350.00  KSh2,000.00

Purple Wallpaper

Enlighten your wall with this purple wallpaper. This wallpaper can make any home, office, saloon and medical places looking more welcoming, decorative and attractive.

KSh2,350.00  KSh2,000.00

Purple Flowered Wallpaper

This wonderful combination of purple and pink flowers will add a warm feel in your home or office. This wallpaper is high quality, environment friendly, durable and can blend with some of the other cool colors.

KSh2,350.00  KSh2,000.00

Green Floral Wallpaper

Wallpaper is the quickest and easiest way to instantly add style to your home. When green wallpaper is fixed on the wall it produces a feeling of relaxed, security as it is the color of reassurance

KSh2,350.00  KSh2,000.00

Orange Floral Wallpaper

Flower wallpapers have the feeling of softness and gentleness.  This orange and brown floral wallpaper creates a special atmosphere in any room whether in the home or commercial places and shops.

KSh2,350.00  KSh2,000.00

Grey White Wallpaper

Brighten your home with the brilliant grey and white floral wallpaper. This wallpaper features a brilliant floral design set against plain background. It is perfect for home and office interiors.

KSh2,350.00  KSh2,000.00

Silver Grey Wallpaper

Bring a touch of luxury and elegance into your home by using this silver wallpaper on your walls. Sliver grey wallpapers suits both modern and classic interiors because it has a nice texture and radiant color.

KSh2,350.00  KSh2,000.00

Brown Checked Wallpaper

Experience the sophistication and personality that wallpaper adds top your décor without any hassle. This brown checked wallpaper makes decorating quick and easy in your office or at home.

KSh1,900.00  KSh1,700.00

Flowered Brown Wallpaper

Adding a touch of floral to your bedroom, living room and offices will make it look beautiful and with this brown flowered wallpaper you can add a touchy of the outside in and make sure your walls are always classy and modern.

KSh2,350.00  KSh2,000.00

Brown Wood Grain Pattern Wallpaper

This wood-effect wallpaper would make anyone think it is a real one. Use of this wallpaper is a great way to bring the outdoors into the home and a real sense of sophistication into the home yet eye catching.

KSh2,500.00  KSh2,100.00

White Wood Grain Pattern Wallpaper

Wood like wallpaper can look perfect in every room in your house. Wooden walls look great and so can wood like wallpaper be a center of attraction to every guest.

KSh2,500.00  KSh2,100.00

Soft Brown Large Rock Wallpaper

This rock wallpaper brings the outdoors finishing touch on the house or office walls. This wallpaper adds elegance, uniqueness and harmony of nature with its stunning look of stones.

KSh2,350.00  KSh2,100.00

Small Grey-White Tiles Wallpaper

This brick rock wallpaper gives a luxurious finish to your home. It is self-adhesive wallpaper made from high quality material. With this excellent wallpaper guest will be amazed that is not real brick.

KSh2,350.00  KSh2,100.00

Brown Brick Wallpaper

Brick wallpapers bring an urban feel into your home or office, giving any room the appearance of having a real brick accent wall. Use of this wallpaper is a unique way to add style and enhance décor in your room.

KSh2,100.00  KSh1,800.00

Brown Effect Wallpaper

Gold is associated with luxury, and gold wallpapers are no exception to that. This gold wallpaper is of high quality, durable and affordable. It gives a new look in every wall that is installed.

KSh1,900.00  KSh1,700.00

Light Marble Wallpaper

This is self-adhesive marble wallpaper that is easy to apply and work great on kitchen and bathroom walls. It gives a stylish and classy new finish and can be wiped with dump cloth when dirt.

KSh2,350.00  KSh2,100.00