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Decorative Succulent

Product Code: AS0005
Availability: 20
Weight: 600.00g
Dimensions: 0.00cm x 0.00cm x 0.00cm

Price: KSh2,250.00  KSh1,950.00

Although flowers & wreaths artificial succulents are found in almost all interior decoration products shops, one thing a client should consider is the level of suitability an item has. There are shops where when one visits; they will sell you succulents at very cheap prices without considering the size or use of such an item. Remember that all that glitter doesn’t end up being gold, and therefore an item being very cheap doesn’t always mean an easy way out. As a person that seeks a natural feeling around the house, you will be looking for unique succulents that;

  • Are durable
  • Are very modern & current
  • Won’t wear out easily
  • Have a classic make-up
  • Are very beautiful & presentable

This is what we guarantee, being a shop that has set its goals to suit the taste and preference of any client looking for interior decoration items. The manufacturers we liaise with are very professional, always ready to deliver and are up to the task of making the best artificial succulents.

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