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Beautiful Leaves

Product Code: AIF006
Availability: 15
Weight: 100.00g
Dimensions: 62.00cm x 0.00cm x 0.00cm

Price: KSh750.00  KSh650.00

Modern artificial ivy leaves have in a major way outdone live flowers, and even though we do not dispute the fact that they still are nice and good, there are benefits that make artificial ones more preferable. Our artificial ivy leaves come with the following benefits;

  • They take a longer time to wear out, at times years
  • They are very affordable as compared to live flowers
  • Enhance beauty both in houses and offices
  • Artificial ivy leaves can be repurposed for another use (after a wedding the flowers can be used to decorate a house/office)

Purchasing quality and durable ivy leaves at our shop will always come as an added advantage, since besides being long lasting; our products are manufactured by qualified people that are conversant with the current market. This means that our artificial ivy leaves have the ability to meet the expectations of many clients since they are fully customized to your needs and demands. Our products are generally very affordable, their quality being a clear indication of your money’s worth.

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