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4-8-10-14mm Wall to Wall carpets

Wall to Wall carpets

Carpeting is the ideal solution if need to reduce slips or maybe to minimize injuries when one falls down. It also provides a safety protection for the whole family and especially for the small kids. In case you need to fix a wall to wall carpet, then Petcarl-Décor is the best place to visit. Our carpets holds warmth and insulates against extreme cold and heat.

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Plain Red Carpet

A red plain carpet is a perfectly luxurious match for your home, office, restaurant and guest rooms. It is durable and hardwearing yet it stays soft for a comfortable under foot experience.  Choose a red carpet to make a real impact in your home.

KSh1,200.00  KSh1,000.00

Plain Black Carpet

Black carpets provide such an unbelievable combination of luxury, style and warmth especially where the interior color of the house is bright. Black blends in very well with almost every bright color such as red and white. Black carpet can be used in the office, bedroom and in the living room

KSh1,200.00  KSh1,000.00

Blue-White Carpet

Carpet provides a unique choice of colors, textures, and designs to suit every taste. This blue carpet can provide a warm, cozy, comfortable environment for the home. Many commercial facilities, such as hospitals, schools select carpet that provides a more homelike environment like this blue carpet.

KSh2,100.00  KSh1,900.00

14mm Thick Maroon Carpet

Wall to wall carpet is one of the most popular floor covering choices. This VIP maroon carpet has a very good texture and material, making it easy to complement your existing décor. The carpet is durable, affordable and best to be used in the staircases, bedroom or even schools and hospitals because it is soft and thick enough for one to hear footsteps.

KSh2,800.00  KSh2,700.00

Brown Floral Carpet

Flower pattern carpets can be used for decoration apart from being functional. Flower is one ingredient used in decoration that you can use to show creativity and to enhance the beauty of your room or on an event setting. This brown carpet can be used at the entrance corridors, offices and bedroom.

KSh2,000.00  KSh1,900.00

Grey and White Carpet

Revive your home and office interior with our best-selling grey and white carpet. Grey is a color that indicates seriousness and the message ‘I mean business’ especially if used in the office. Grey carpet can also can be used in the bedroom to indicate peace, style and freshness.

KSh2,100.00  KSh1,900.00

Brown and White Carpets

Brown carpet is a popular family-friendly choice for busy homes because it hides dirt well. Designed to complement both traditional and contemporary home interiors, brown carpet has an earthy appearance that disguises marks well, making it an ideal choice for family spaces.

KSh2,100.00  KSh1,900.00