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Quality Carpet

Product Code: PBC0002
Availability: Out Of Stock (Product will be available at: 08-28-2017)
Weight: 0.00kg
Dimensions: 0.00m x 4.00m x 0.00m

Price: KSh1,200.00  KSh1,000.00

With the knowledge that many people have realized the importance of installing unique items on the floor, various venders have engaged in the business of selling wall to wall plain carpets. Do not ignore the fact that some are just after financial benefits, and therefore they shall sell carpets that aren’t to the standards. We are a shop that sells quality plain black carpets to different clients in different places in Kenya. We highly prioritize the satisfaction of every client, by ensuring the following;

  • Sale of very modern, quality, trendy and durable carpets
  • Liaising with other genuine carpet sellers to gain new ideas
  • Working with very professional manufactures who have a unique taste and are conversant with the current market

One of the reasons why our carpets are very much preferred by many clients is our prices, which are competitive yet very affordable. The quality of our carpets isn’t implicated by the prices we settle on, seeing that our ultimate objection isn’t financial gains but helping individuals decorate their houses, offices, restaurants, guest houses and even executive venues. We are always ready to help you in installing of the carpet. Purchase our executive carpets with an assurance that your house or office shall be given the best appearance you have been wishing for.

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