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Butterfly Orchid Artificial Flower

This is a butterfly orchid artificial flower which is used to decorate homes, offices, restaurants etc. The flower part is made of fabric and the stem is of made of plastic. This flower is eco-friendly, modern, durable and affordable. It can also be used to decorate different occasions like weddings, birthday parties etc. It comes in different shapes, designs and colors


Cream White Butterfly Orchid Flower

This is a unique, simple and affordable artificial flower in a black cray pot for decoration purposes. It can be used in all occasions. Its color is cream white and materials used are fabric, plastic, iron wire and clay pot. It fits in many decoration themes since it is bright in color.


Artificial Rose Flower

This is an artificial pink rose flower with ceramic pot for home, hotel and office decoration. This flower is non-allergic and one can keep for a life time. This flower doesn’t wilt or weep no matter how the weather is and it is affordable and easy to transport.


Decorative Rose Artificial Flower

This is artificial high quality rose flower mainly used to decorate wedding occasions. This flower is environmental friendly, easy to maintain, no pesticide contamination and it is non-allergic. It is made of silk material, plastic and iron wire. It is affordable and durable.


Cymbidium Orchid Artificial Flower

This is a red silk artificial orchid flower for home, office, restaurants, conference rooms decoration. This flower is cost effective, eco-friendly, don’t have expiry date and requires low maintenance. It is affordable and durable.


African Woman Wall Painting

A picture is worth a thousand words and as well as providing a welcoming environment to customers and guests. Pictures also help to communicate and bring life to a dead space. These paintings are for african woman 100% handmade, new, modern and have unique designs hence used for decoration purposes in homes, offices, lobby, saunas and hotels.

KSh10,500.00  KSh9,650.00

Three Shelf Glass Wall cabinet

These are three shelves glass wall cabinet. They are made of good quality material which makes them to be more attractive, decorative, durable and affordable. They are modern, classy, unique and spacious. They can be used in the bathrooms, saloons and saunas to store towels, soaps, sprays and oils.

KSh12,450.00  KSh10,080.00

Heart Shaped Wall Stickers

These are heart shaped creative wall stickers. They are decorative and they can be arranged in a certain way to create a unique pattern. They can also be given as a gift to the loved ones. They are made of MDF wood and they are self-adhesive.

KSh1,000.00  KSh850.00

Eagle Resin Statue

This eagle is not only beautiful, majestic, fabulous but also a striking focal point in any room. It is very lifelike and looks nice on the shelves or anywhere you place it in the room. It can be a great gift for any occasion. This eagle transforms your room into a galley of living art.

KSh26,000.00  KSh24,500.00

Digit Wall Hook

Add style to your home while increasing storage space with this elegant digits wall hooks. They are perfect for hanging jewelries, bags, educative charts and other small items. They are commonly used in the kid’s bedrooms, study rooms and in schools. They also create a unique design and beautiful piece of wall art.


Non-Woven Cream Wallpaper

This is a very bold cream white wallpaper that gives a stylish decor in any room of your home and office. This wallpaper is modern and it is removable in case one is moving out from one house to another. It is affordable and durable if well maintained


Non Woven Gold Wallpaper

This wallpaper has a stunning golden effect which will make a great feature in any room. It is ideal for entire room walls. It is very affordable, easy to apply and with its high-quality material it will give any wall a great look when used to decorate a whole room.


Rose Flower Wall Mural

Flowers have always been the best to use in to a home as a way of offering a splash of colors to complement your interior décor. That why this red rose mural is the best to use in any room of your house as it creates amazing focal point in your home.


Pink -black Wall Mural

Transform your room with this magnificent floral wall mural. This black and pink flowered mural is made to suit your style, taste and décor. It also represents true beauty of this wonderful and unique flower.


Ocean and Mountain Wall Mural

Give your room a natural and fresh feel with this Landscape and Nature Wall Mural. This kind of mural satisfies ones’ desire for great outdoors. This ocean and mountain mural is the perfect choice for bathroom, bedroom and living room.


Cartoon Car Wall Mural

Are you are looking for an easy way to transform the look of your kids walls and the decor of their room? Then look no more because we have high quality, modern, entertaining and decorative wall mural for the kids’ bedroom and schools.


Gold Floral Wall Mural

Bored with your walls? Transform your home or office space with this classy mural. This Mural creates modern design and decorative feature from one wall to another. This mural is the best for TV background wall, living room, bedroom and in the office


Glittering cream Flowers Wall Mural

We believe in creating a classy environment for a better living. That’s why we have different types of wall murals to cater for every customers taste. This mural is ideal for living room, dining room and in luxurious office.


Sky Ceiling Mural

Create an entire natural environment in your house, office and any other room by using this sky mural on your ceiling. They help to brighten your room and gives a luxurious look that it’s not only unique but also decorative.


Wisteria Tree

The presence of plants whether live or artificial provides a relaxed atmosphere and creates a warm and inviting space. Wisteria tree is a pest free plant, requires no maintenance only slight dusting is required ones in a while. It is affordable, environment friendly and durable.


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