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Decorative Floating - Hanging Shelves

Floating-Cube Shelves | Cabinets

Among our various house wall decoration items for sale are floating and hanging shelves, which come in a variety of sizes, colors and style. We are that one shop that will sell nothing that is of low quality, and as such giving our clients the chance to make their houses very elegant.

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6 Set Square Cube Shelves

These are decorative floating square cube wall shelves. They are made of MDF material and they come in different colors and sizes as per customers’ taste. They are used in homes, offices and hotels to display small decorative items like flower vases, photo frames, alarm clocks, small curves etc. They are durable and modern way of wall decoration.

KSh12,750.00  KSh10,750.00

4 Set Cube shelves

Use of cube shelves is one of the modern ways of creating extra storage areas in one’s room. Cube shelves comes in different sizes, shapes and materials. They are also decorative unlike the rigid straight shelves and they can simply be stacked together or placed in a certain pattern to compliment the design of a room.

KSh9,550.00  KSh8,500.00

Floating Corner Shelf

The idea of having shelves floating in the air without any visible support transform a casual shelf into an eye-catching furniture piece. They are also simple, elegant, durable, easy to build and not expensive.

KSh2,250.00  KSh2,100.00

Round Wall Shelves - Set of 3

Redefine your space by adding these round geometric, floating round shelves set to any wall of your room. They also enhance the décor of your room making it more appealing, modern and attractive. They come in different sizes and colors. With these shelves in your room one is able to utilize your room space and use it cleverly.

KSh6,000.00  KSh5,500.00

Hexagonal Wall Shelf

These Hexagonal Shelves units are ultimate stylish yet functional pieces for your room. They offer surprising amount of space for storing books, pictures and other decorative items. These shelves can be arranged in any pattern to create a desired look of your choice. They come in different sizes and colors.

KSh2,600.00  KSh2,500.00

Single Flat Floating Shelf

Floating wall shelves allows one to display decorative items and framed pictures in style. They are made of high quality MDF material and they are durable and affordable. They can also hold heavier items such as trophies and flower vases. They are modern, unique, classy and they comes in different sizes and colors.

KSh1,000.00  KSh900.00

MDF Floating Shelf

These floating shelves provides functional and yet decorative touch in your room in your home and office. They also add character and elegance in your home. These shelves come in different length and colors. They are ideal for displaying decorative home accessories, books and so much more.

KSh1,500.00  KSh1,400.00

Small Round Shelves

Floating shelves are a stylish addition to any home, looking great as well as offering practical and useful storage space. Whether you use your shelves to store books and phones or flowers and photo frames, this set has you covered.

KSh6,000.00  KSh5,500.00

Medium Round Shelve

Installing extra shelves and shelving units in your home is a great way to increase your properties storage capacity and to provide a place for all your favorite ornaments and photo frames. They are durable, decorative, firm and modern.

KSh6,000.00  KSh5,500.00

U Wall Floating Shelves

These floating u shaped wood shelves will provide an elegant display of your Favorite photos or small plants or other cherish able small items. These wood floating shelves will match in any room and enhance any décor. They are strong enough to withstand heavy decorative items and are easy to clean with a warm damp cloth.

KSh6,500.00  KSh6,000.00

Floating Dec-order Shelves

These floating decoder shelves are very practical and simple looking. They are perfect thing to complement a wall mounted TV. These shelves are not only used to hold usual gadgets but they can still offer room for displaying a few decorative accessories

KSh3,150.00  KSh2,800.00

Book Wall Shelves

This wooden intersecting book shelf provides a unique pattern and space-saving functionality. It adds style to any room it is mounted. The simple and quick installation will have this shelf up in minutes. It can be placed in your living area, office, study room and in the library for a modern and sophisticated look. It will be a functional shelf but also a decoration item to your house

KSh6,650.00  KSh5,850.00

Tv Wall Stand

This stylish and modern floating shelf is a great addition for any home. With an invisible mounting design this shelf serve as a perfect place to store any number of items. It is also ideal for storing heavier items such as books, electronic equipment, ornaments and other decorative items. It comes in different colors which offer a design solution for any room in the house.

KSh5,950.00  KSh5,000.00

I Love You Wall Floating Shelves

On Valentine’s Day, it can feel like there is a lot of pressure to come up with just the right gift. However, you don’t need to spend a lot to make your love known. Gifting him or her with this “I LOVE U” floating shelves it will tell it all and communicate our love the best.

KSh8,550.00  KSh7,550.00

Love Floating Shelves

Express your love emotions for your family and home by using these beautiful “LOVE” spelled floating wall shelves. They also give your wall some love with their modern design. They can be used to store personal belongings or other small items in the house.

KSh9,850.00  KSh8,050.00

Wall Hedge Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are great for utilizing the space above floor level and keeping things organized. If floor space is limited, a shelf or two on a wall maximize storage space and provide a perfect space to display your items. The hedged floating shelves come in different colors meaning they can be used in any color theme of the house.

KSh2,250.00  KSh2,000.00