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Decorative Shelves

Product Code: MRS0001
Availability: 3
Weight: 800.00g
Dimensions: 0.00cm x 33.00cm x 0.00cm

Price: KSh6,000.00  KSh5,500.00

Interior decoration has been taken to another level, whereby people no longer use cards and simple chalk paintings as it was before. Technology has led to the manufacturing of new, current and more advanced interior decoration items, accessories that will not only give a room a nice look but also extensively enhance its aesthetic value. Interior decoration items come in different types; shapes, colors and sizes, and each of them is used differently and for various purposes. People have realized the importance of having custom round shelves in a house, but due to the large area it takes, there is a simpler and sophisticated method that people have adapted. With the knowledge that interior decoration can also come with an added advantage of storage, people have decided to use medium round shelves to enhance the storage space. These are very classy and beautiful items which are mounted on the wall for decoration and storage purposes, due to their unique and beautiful shape and color.

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