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Decorative Camera

Product Code: NDC0002
Availability: Out Of Stock
Weight: 200.00kg
Dimensions: 10.00cm x 2.00cm x 5.60cm

Price: KSh5,600.00  KSh4,800.00

Leaving a child under the care of another person makes every parent nervous. If you want to take steps to make sure that your child is safe and secure in your home, you can consider installing a nanny hidden camera. These kind of cameras are perfect for monitoring your home while you are away and you can put the nanny hidden camera at your place of business to monitor the employees while you are out of the office. They come in different shapes, sizes, varieties, design and specification. The modern hidden cameras can be set for motion recording or even continuous recording modes. The footage can be recorded onto a memory card of 64GB up to 128GB. To playback your files is also easy since you need to simply take out the memory card and playback the files the files from your computer. Looking for a shop where you can purchase nanny hidden camera? Visit Petcarl-Décor.co.ke for cheap and quality digital cameras.

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