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Leather Office Desk Organizers

Office Accessories

It is important to have your office space and desk well arranged and neat. We offer different accessories to ensure that your working tools are well organised in your office desk. We have leather boxes for putting your files, pens as well as computer keyboard and mouse pads. All our office accessories are affordable and quality.

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Brown Leather Office Accessories

Work from home in style with modern office desk accessories. They help in Upgrading your desk in both fashion and function. With these unique, good material and affordable prices accessories, it's easy to stay on task and on trend.

KSh14,850.00  KSh14,000.00

Black Leather Office Desk Organizer Set

Keep your home office or business office running efficiently and productively with our office desk organizer. Our desk set includes practical items for everyday use from business card holders, document and file holder, office document tray to office storage drawer products for the busy executive office.

KSh25,570.00  KSh24,000.00

Leather Memo Box

There is something about handwritten notes that you still can't depend on electronics for. This leather memo box is refillable and will look great on any desk.

KSh650.00  KSh600.00

Desk Mat

Whether you want to protect new desks in the workspace or cover imperfections of old ones, desk pads are an easy solution. These mats also enhance any desk and is perfect for use as a reading or writing surface, as well as housing your keyboard and mouse. Featuring an elegant textured surface and is a great addition to any workspace.

KSh2,500.00  KSh2,000.00

Business Card Holder

The way you hand out your business cards can make an impression on clients or future employers. There is more to a cool business card than the card itself. A cool business card holder will say a lot about your personality.

KSh1,000.00  KSh950.00

File & Document Holder

A small office requires only basic files and folders. However, if you have a large office space to set up, then you might need a little more than a few. Files and document holders are helpful office accessories that will help you neatly arrange and organize all your important paperwork.


KSh3,600.00  KSh3,450.00

Document & File Tray

This is an office tray wood structure, PU leather exterior, faux suede lining inside. Each layer of this tray holds about 500 pages of legal files or copy papers. This tray can also hold magazines or books for your convenience. It is durable and modern.

KSh3,600.00  KSh3,450.00

Office Desk Coaster

Protect your desk, delicate and antique surfaces from stains and water rings with these stylish coasters. This is a very beautiful accessory for the office, conference room or home. It can also be used to cover the angry and stained surfaces on your surfaces.

KSh950.00  KSh800.00

Leather Tissue Box

This handcrafted tissue box holder is covered in smooth Genuine Leather over a sturdy wooden base. It’s an elegant solution for one of life's little necessities and a handsome presentation when you hand the box to someone who needs a tissue.

KSh1,250.00  KSh1,100.00

Leather Dust Bin

This Leather Waste Bin would be ideal for any office or home office and its sleek contemporary design would fit in nicely with the matching range available. A handy size to fit under a desk and make sure your office space is kept clear of unnecessary rubbish.

KSh2,850.00  KSh2,500.00

Office Storage Drawer

Fed up searching for paperwork or the stapler? Our desk drawer units give all your stuff a home. They come in color brown and black to suit wherever you want to work. They also Storage help you sort and organize it all – mean you can keep track of what you really need. 

KSh3,200.00  KSh2,850.00

Mouse Pad

Having a great gamming mouse means nothing if you are not using the right surface. Mouse pad provides you tons of movement space for your mouse without any struggle.

KSh950.00  KSh850.00

Pencil Holder

Made of beautiful leather, this pencil cup lets you store your favorite pens in style. Treat yourself to a luxurious leather pen holder that will last for long. A leather pen and pencil holder helps create the perfect office set for a distinguished executive--and makes a great gift. Celebrate a new job or promotion, or simply enjoy giving a loved one a gift that is both practical and elegant

KSh700.00  KSh620.00

Leather Photo Frame

Use of desk photo frame is the ideal way to keep photographs of your loved ones nearby, these free-standing photo frames provide you with a quick and easy way to bring a touch of personality to any horizontal surface in your home or office.

KSh850.00  KSh800.00

Medium Desk Organizer

Use these convenient medium desk organizers to keep a professional look no matter how many materials you have on hand. No matter what you have, there is an organizer specifically made to tame the mess. Plus, they'll help keep you focused on your work instead of being distracted by a desk of clutter.

KSh1,750.00  KSh1,600.00

Leather Desk Organizer for Stationery

This stationery container is made of high-quality PU leather covered over density board and lint lining interior. With fashionable and contracted appearance, the storage holder is an ideal choice of desk organization at the office or in the study or anywhere in the house.

KSh2,850.00  KSh2,600.00

Rectangular Desk organizer

Organize and prioritize your desk area with our innovative desk accessories. Dress your desk with a leather desk set of 14 pieces or with this classy rectangular shape desk organizer. Organization is within reach with our selection of desktop organizing accessories.

KSh2,150.00  KSh1,950.00

Glass Leather Ashtray

Fashion crystal and leather High-class modern and classy fashion creative office, home or car crystal ashtray. These ash trays can also be used to store small items and coins for easy access.

KSh2,450.00  KSh2,100.00

Leather Office Dustbin

In interior decor, it’s all about being creative. A beautiful decor is based on being able to think out of the box and to use objects accordingly. By using this decorative leather dustbin will help you enhance your office look and appearance.

KSh3,800.00  KSh3,400.00

Gold Floral Wall Mural

Bored with your walls? Transform your home or office space with this classy mural. This Mural creates modern design and decorative feature from one wall to another. This mural is the best for TV background wall, living room, bedroom and in the office

KSh1,500.00  KSh1,350.00