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Laether Ashtray

Product Code: AST0001
Availability: 10
Weight: 2.00kg
Dimensions: 25.00cm x 25.00cm x 8.00cm

Price: KSh2,450.00  KSh2,100.00

People that work from various offices will from time to time receive visitors; something that compels them to always have the place organized a very classy. No one would want to open the door to a very dirty, disorganized and poorly kept office, the reason why it is a norm for people to have their offices cleaned before work begins. A glass leather ashtray is a very important accessory in an office, seeing that cigarette ash and filters can very much make an office untidy. It is also used to store easily misplaced items such as coins. Although smokers especially people who work in an office will be in dire need of such items, many of them will hesitate from buying them. Many shops will sell leather ashtrays at very high prices, which a good number of clients will find hard to purchase. Visit Petcarl-Décor today to buy a unique ashtray at the most affordable price.

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