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Classy Office Desk Organizer

Product Code: RDO0001
Availability: 10
Weight: 400.00g
Dimensions: 30.00cm x 17.00cm x 2.00cm
Custom Field 1 (UPC): black
Custom Field 2 (EAN): Leather

Price: KSh2,150.00  KSh1,950.00

Working from a disorganized place may disorient one’s mind, leading to wrong decision making that could heavily affect the productivity of a business. This is why people work from offices, which also requires office desk organizing accessories to make the environment more oriented with work. Although cleaning may be done, there are other things that could make the office still remain messy and disorganized. This is why professional designers have come up with various office decorative accessories, which give an office the touch of beauty while at the same time serving as organizing tools. There is an accessory known as a rectangular desk organizer, a very important item that helps in keeping a desk very organized. Could you be wondering where you can get a reliable shop to buy quality leather office accessories? Petcarl-Décor is the right shop to visit. Our products are sold through physical and online means, to ensure that distance isn’t a hindrance to any client that wants to purchase our products.

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