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Attractive Drawer

Product Code: DSD0001
Availability: 10
Weight: 3.00kg
Dimensions: 25.50cm x 33.00cm x 18.00cm
Custom Field 1 (UPC): black
Custom Field 2 (EAN): Leather

Price: KSh3,200.00  KSh2,850.00

An office is a place where people work from, and its environment should be hospitable enough to enable people to conduct businesses in a perfect manner. Offices have always been built mainly on the outskirts of a town or residential since it requires to be at a quiet place. No one would like to work from a place that doesn’t look presentable, the reason why people have taken advantage of office desk accessories. These are items that people use to add artistic value to a room, and since it is an office, people are given the best guidance on which items to use. These include leather office storage drawers where you can keep your documents in a neat way. This is something that people have taken with a lot of keenness, seeing that it is an item which gives an office a better look that could even help in attracting more clients. The advantage of office storage drawer is that it is both decorative and durable.

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