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Beige 3D Foam Stickers

Add elegance to any space of your room especially in bedrooms, TV background, kitchen, dining room or in an office wall with this modern 3D foam wall sticker. This foam stickers are applied to smooth and flat surfaces. This wall sticker is waterproof, soundproof and it protects children from injuries when playing with cotton foam material.

KSh850.00  KSh690.00

Purple Wall Panel

3D Panels brings life to your wall with its modern and unique texture design. This decorative wall panel is made of PU leather material. It is waterproof and soundproof so it can be used in the bedroom, studio, spa, office and hotels.

KSh990.00  KSh880.00

Purple Foam Sticker

Purple color represents royalty, luxury and power. This purple wall foam panel is soundproof, waterproof and improves room thus making it best to use in studio, saloon, school, hospital, house and office. It eye catching and attracts guests and customer.

KSh850.00  KSh690.00

Grey Foam Sticker

Grey color is neutral, and cool. Use of greys panel on your wall helps in hiding dirt and it is best when used in the living room, office and in play room. This greys panel apart from modern it also decorative due to its repeating pattern on it. This panel is soundproof and reduces noise pollution.

KSh990.00  KSh820.00

Disneyland Cartoon Mural

Transform an entire baby nursery, kid’s bedroom, pediatrician’s waiting room or classroom with this cartoon mural in minutes without painting or doing wallpaper. The mural is easy to install and remove without causing any damage to the walls

KSh1,580.00  KSh1,350.00

Restaurant Mural

You want your hotel, restaurant, dining or lounge wall to be unique?  Then create a custom look for your restaurant with this wall mural. This 3D wall mural is totally unique and exciting and appealing to the guest when fixed on the wall.

KSh15,000.00  KSh1,350.00

Golden Yellow Tree Mural

Wall murals are a simple, affordable way to brighten up any space in your home or office. This landscape mural is the best way to bring together stunning and imagery design in creative interior spaces. 

KSh1,500.00  KSh1,350.00

Hardwood Icy Mural

There is something incredibly calming and soothing about being outdoors, but when the weather fails us there should be no reason why we can’t experience the same relaxation in the comfort of our own home with this orange and snow tree forest wall mural.

KSh1,500.00  KSh1,350.00

3D Leather Panel

This is a 3D leather wall panel that is extensively used in hotels, restaurants, offices, resorts, and in homes to enhance the room interiors.  This is made of high quality PU leather thus making it waterproof and soundproof.

KSh990.00  KSh880.00