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Wisteria Tree

The presence of plants whether live or artificial provides a relaxed atmosphere and creates a warm and inviting space. Wisteria tree is a pest free plant, requires no maintenance only slight dusting is required ones in a while. It is affordable, environment friendly and durable.

KSh5,850.00  KSh5,100.00

Camellia Tree

Today’s artificial plants and trees are designed, molded and painted in such a way that they look and feel real. This camellia artificial tree is rain resistance and can be used indoor or outdoor for decoration purposes and can be moved from one place to another unlike live plants.

KSh5,250.00  KSh4,550.00

Rectangular Wooden Box

Beautiful jewelry should be stored in a beautiful wooden jewelry box. This wooden jewelry box is handmade and it can be given to the loved ones as a gift. Apart from jewelry this box can also hold small tools like scissors, razorblades, buttons and others.

KSh650.00  KSh600.00

Paper Parasol

This modern simple parasol is perfect accessory for any wedding or special events. It comes in different colors to match with any color theme. It is used to cover someone from the sun rays or as a decorative accessory during photo shooting and will add romantic style.

KSh1,550.00  KSh1,350.00

Purple Wall Panel

3D Panels brings life to your wall with its modern and unique texture design. This decorative wall panel is made of PU leather material. It is waterproof and soundproof so it can be used in the bedroom, studio, spa, office and hotels.

KSh990.00  KSh880.00

Rose Gold Wall Panel

This is a decorative wall panel that complements any room in the house. This wall panel can be used for residential and commercial projects like hotels, offices, saloons and more. It gives your wall a very beautiful and classy appearance. 

KSh990.00  KSh880.00

Sunshine Plaque

Make your spouse feel special every time by presenting this humorous sunshine wooden hanging wall plaque. The message on this plaque is guaranteed to put a smile on their face and make them feel loved every time.

KSh3,250.00  KSh3,000.00

Happiness Plaque

Spice up your wall décor with this wooden wall plaque that is not only decorative but also with its creative art and a nice message. This wooden plaque can also be given to someone as gift and will not only be unique but meaningful to the recipient.

KSh2,850.00  KSh2,500.00

Life Like Road Plaque

For sure life is like a road trip enjoy each day. Let this linen plaque be a remainder every morning of how life should be lived. This plaque is durable and affordable. It can be hanged in the office or in any room of your house.

KSh1,800.00  KSh1,650.00

Life Is Better Plaque

If you are considering something different from the normal trophies and gift vouchers, iron plaque can be a great idea. This iron plaque always speak of class and creativity. Hanging Plaque on your wall is a great way for achieving classy and distinct look, while also remaining memorable to the recipient.

KSh1,200.00  KSh1,100.00

Resin Flower Vase

This is a brand new handmade gorgeous fruit bowl resin. This vase is unique and is well designed to meet your home decoration ideas. This vase makes your room appear classy and modern when placed on top of the table.

KSh5,625.00  KSh5,400.00

Resin Table Lamp

Resin table lamp is such a beautiful addition to any home. Perfect size for any table either in study room, bed side table, dining table etc. With its unique design, this desk lamp also makes the perfect present for weddings, baby showers, house warming parties and other special occasions. Add a classic polish to any room.

KSh6,900.00  KSh5,950.00

Medium Candle Holder

This candle holder not only keep your candle in place, it also provide a decorative accent to your décor. Bright & colorful piece add a bit of design and create an elegant addition to the surrounding. This medium candle holder works great in any room.

KSh4,200.00  KSh3,850.00

14mm Thick Maroon Carpet

Wall to wall carpet is one of the most popular floor covering choices. This VIP maroon carpet has a very good texture and material, making it easy to complement your existing décor. The carpet is durable, affordable and best to be used in the staircases, bedroom or even schools and hospitals because it is soft and thick enough for one to hear footsteps.

KSh2,800.00  KSh2,700.00

Brown Floral Carpet

Flower pattern carpets can be used for decoration apart from being functional. Flower is one ingredient used in decoration that you can use to show creativity and to enhance the beauty of your room or on an event setting. This brown carpet can be used at the entrance corridors, offices and bedroom.

KSh2,000.00  KSh1,900.00

Pink Foam Sticker

This pink wall panel can be used in kids bedroom, school play room or kids hospital ward. It protects the child from hitting the wall when playing because it foam inside. Pink is believed to bring relaxation, acceptance and cuteness of the room. It is also a romantic color thus making it good to use on master bedroom walls.

KSh850.00  KSh690.00

Grey Foam Sticker

Grey color is neutral, and cool. Use of greys panel on your wall helps in hiding dirt and it is best when used in the living room, office and in play room. This greys panel apart from modern it also decorative due to its repeating pattern on it. This panel is soundproof and reduces noise pollution.

KSh990.00  KSh820.00

Bonsai Succulent

Houseplants have always been an easy way of bringing in one’s personality and greenery taste into their homes. But the current trend of succulent artificial plants use is the most favorite because they require minimal attention than natural ones.

KSh3,150.00  KSh2,850.00

Artificial Succulent Bonsai

Create your own beautiful succulent centerpiece that comes in different types and design. Lifelike succulent plants are a perfect addition to your home or office decor. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

KSh2,450.00  KSh2,150.00

Flowers & Wreaths Succulents

Bring natural-looking greenery to your daily life with these artificial succulent plants. These succulents are good for housewarming or a wedding gift, and you can also use them to lend a stylish, modern touch to your own home decor.

KSh2,250.00  KSh1,950.00