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Landscape Wall Painting

This is a landscape painting which create the effect of an extra window in your room. This landscape art is unique, classy, modern and decorative. Landscape wall paint can be used in homes, restaurants, hotels and conference rooms.

KSh8,650.00  KSh7,250.00

Waterdrop Hook

These hooks are commonly used in bathrooms, bedrooms and in closets. They add decorative accent to any room. They are made of wood which make them eco-friendly, creative gift and modern. They help in providing extra storage space in your room.

KSh500.00  KSh450.00

Resin Horse Statue

This is decorative horse and is made of natural polyresin material. The horse is durable, don’t rust or decompose and is not affected by water and temperatures. The horse is very decorative to be used in any room, offices, schools and the gardens. It is also very modern, classy and unique because of the creative art that is used.

KSh4,410.00  KSh4,000.00

Resin Cock Statue

Decorating is not a look, it is a point of view. By use of these cocks statue in your living room, offices at the garden it creates unique, classy and modern appearance to the environment hence it improves room decor and it speak more about ones likes and dislikes.

KSh7,980.00  KSh6,900.00

Tiger Resin Statue

You can add unique visual interest and a bit of character to any room with decorative statues. Tiger statues can do wonders towards creating an inviting and personality -filled home and office. There are environment friendly, affordable and easy to maintain.

KSh6,510.00  KSh5,800.00

Pigeon Statue

It’s often the small things in our homes that say the most about who we are. Our selection of decorative pigeon statues will help you add plenty of personality to your space. These white pigeon statues will also enhance the appeal of the room space and grab attention to many.

KSh4,620.00  KSh4,050.00

Glass Leather Ashtray

Fashion crystal and leather High-class modern and classy fashion creative office, home or car crystal ashtray. These ash trays can also be used to store small items and coins for easy access.

KSh2,450.00  KSh2,100.00

Leather Office Dustbin

In interior decor, it’s all about being creative. A beautiful decor is based on being able to think out of the box and to use objects accordingly. By using this decorative leather dustbin will help you enhance your office look and appearance.

KSh3,800.00  KSh3,400.00

Resin Stone Pot

This is a stone Pot which will wonderfully give a unique and creative look on your office table. Apart from being decorative it can be used as a flower pot and be placed on the floating wall shelves.

KSh650.00  KSh600.00

Self Adhesive Boys Wallpaper

Every cartoon wallpaper creates an exciting idea for your kid’s room décor. This wallpaper can also be used in schools and hospital. This wallpaper also helps the young one’s dream and get inspired as it transforms the rooms interior décor making it their favorite place in the whole world.

KSh1,900.00  KSh1,700.00

Happiness Plaque

Spice up your wall décor with this wooden wall plaque that is not only decorative but also with its creative art and a nice message. This wooden plaque can also be given to someone as gift and will not only be unique but meaningful to the recipient.

KSh2,850.00  KSh2,500.00

White Wood Grain Pattern Wallpaper

Wood like wallpaper can look perfect in every room in your house. Wooden walls look great and so can wood like wallpaper be a center of attraction to every guest.

KSh2,500.00  KSh2,100.00

Small Grey-White Tiles Wallpaper

This brick rock wallpaper gives a luxurious finish to your home. It is self-adhesive wallpaper made from high quality material. With this excellent wallpaper guest will be amazed that is not real brick.

KSh2,350.00  KSh2,100.00

Dark Mable Wallpaper

This is water resistant marble wallpaper that can be applied on flat smooth surfaces like on the shelves, cabinets, drawers and other furniture. Add spice and luxury look in your room walls with this wallpaper and you will never regret.

KSh2,350.00  KSh2,100.00

White Glittering Wallpaper

Glitter wallpapers offer the finest and most sophisticated look on any wall of the house and commercial places. This white flowered glittering wallpaper is best to be applied on the master bedroom, office and living room walls where there is no much movement of people to avoid it from being touched

KSh1,900.00  KSh1,700.00

Restaurant Mural

You want your hotel, restaurant, dining or lounge wall to be unique?  Then create a custom look for your restaurant with this wall mural. This 3D wall mural is totally unique and exciting and appealing to the guest when fixed on the wall.

KSh15,000.00  KSh1,350.00

Golden Yellow Tree Mural

Wall murals are a simple, affordable way to brighten up any space in your home or office. This landscape mural is the best way to bring together stunning and imagery design in creative interior spaces. 

KSh1,500.00  KSh1,350.00