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Clear Downlight

For several years, LED lights, have been used extensively for accent lighting and decorative lighting. LED downlights are great energy saving than traditional light sources. These lights offer along lifespan and are also durable and come in different designs.

KSh1,050.00  KSh900.00

Chrome Downlight

LED lights are decorative yet they blend very well into the ceiling for a stylish and ambient source of lighting. These lights come in different styles, designs, materials and color so as to make it easier for a customer to choose what blends with interior décor colors.

KSh1,850.00  KSh1,500.00

S-Gold Led Downlight

Lighting the rooms of your home or office is not just about providing illumination, it is also about expressing yourself and bringing out your interior designers’ taste. Use of LED downlight can transform a dull, lifeless room into a vibrant space with character and style.

KSh1,850.00  KSh1,600.00

Square LED Downlight

Decorative square LED Downlights are unique, modern and easy to install. They come in different design, material and colors. One may well wish to mix and match a look to suit your personal taste and desires.

KSh950.00  KSh800.00

Resin Crane

When it comes to decorate the working environment at your office or your home, there are many decorative items that can be used like these resin crane. They are unique, classy, modern and create a focal point in the room.

KSh7,980.00  KSh6,900.00

Duck Resin Statue

Improve your home or office appearance by use of these resins decorative ducks. These ducks are modern, classy and can be used in any room and in the bathroom. Ducks enjoy staying where there is water mass and because of that they also be used to decorate exterior areas like swimming areas and fountains.

KSh5,670.00  KSh5,000.00

Tiger Resin Statue

You can add unique visual interest and a bit of character to any room with decorative statues. Tiger statues can do wonders towards creating an inviting and personality -filled home and office. There are environment friendly, affordable and easy to maintain.

KSh6,510.00  KSh5,800.00

Duck Statue

These are duck statue beautifully designed for a table top décor. They can be used to decorate homes, offices, schools and hospitals. The color combination makes them live like statues and the fine details of every aspect make them eye-catching to be used anywhere.

KSh4,200.00  KSh3,750.00

Pigeon Statue

It’s often the small things in our homes that say the most about who we are. Our selection of decorative pigeon statues will help you add plenty of personality to your space. These white pigeon statues will also enhance the appeal of the room space and grab attention to many.

KSh4,620.00  KSh4,050.00

Bird Fountain

Use of fountain in your office, shop, home or even within your compound will surely add charm to your outdoor and indoor décor. This fountain water flows from the top bowl down creating a soothing and beautiful effect in your room or even at the garden.

KSh3,990.00  KSh3,500.00

Blue Brick Wallpaper

These type of wallpaper works perfectly in the kitchen, living room or in the office and will certainly command attention. They are decorative with the unusual brick effect wall covering. They are also a great way of adding more patterns and color into your room with little effort and maximum style.  

KSh2,100.00  KSh1,800.00

Waterdrop Hook

These hooks are commonly used in the bathroom as a significant of a place where the water is running. They can also be used in the kitchen or anywhere there is sink to hang towels. Due to the uniqueness and seamless waterdrop design of these hooks they can also be used as wall decorative item in home or the office.

KSh500.00  KSh450.00

Frame Wall Hooks

These hooks are ideal for hanging picture frames, clocks or can also be used to decorate wooden wall. They come in different sizes, shapes and easy to use. They come complete with pins and are ideal for concrete or masonry walls. They are affordable, unique and they don’t break easily.

KSh25.00  KSh20.00

Office Desk Coaster

Protect your desk, delicate and antique surfaces from stains and water rings with these stylish coasters. This is a very beautiful accessory for the office, conference room or home. It can also be used to cover the angry and stained surfaces on your surfaces.

KSh950.00  KSh800.00

Office Storage Drawer

Fed up searching for paperwork or the stapler? Our desk drawer units give all your stuff a home. They come in color brown and black to suit wherever you want to work. They also Storage help you sort and organize it all – mean you can keep track of what you really need. 

KSh3,200.00  KSh2,850.00

Rectangular Desk organizer

Organize and prioritize your desk area with our innovative desk accessories. Dress your desk with a leather desk set of 14 pieces or with this classy rectangular shape desk organizer. Organization is within reach with our selection of desktop organizing accessories.

KSh2,150.00  KSh1,950.00

Medium Round Shelve

Installing extra shelves and shelving units in your home is a great way to increase your properties storage capacity and to provide a place for all your favorite ornaments and photo frames. They are durable, decorative, firm and modern.

KSh6,000.00  KSh5,500.00

Self Adhesive Blue Wallpaper

This wall paper is designed for all your interior purposes, it can make such a difference to your room! Simply apply them by peeling the backing off and then onto your dedicated wall. The room would become so wonderfully alive to your attention!

KSh2,100.00  KSh1,800.00

Embossed Wallpaper

The walls of your home have the advantage of changing and transforming your space with the help of wallpaper.  These wallpapers are durable, affordable, durable, beautiful and easy to clean. They can be used in the house or in the office.

KSh2,350.00  KSh2,000.00

Led Table Clocks

When you are going to buy a clock for your table, don’t buy the only functional one but also the decorative clock that will give you table an impressive complete look. This wooden digital LED table clocks comes in various sizes, shapes and you can easily see the time at night because it provides a bright display.

KSh2,600.00  KSh2,250.00