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File & Document Holder

A small office requires only basic files and folders. However, if you have a large office space to set up, then you might need a little more than a few. Files and document holders are helpful office accessories that will help you neatly arrange and organize all your important paperwork.


KSh3,600.00  KSh3,450.00

Document & File Tray

This is an office tray wood structure, PU leather exterior, faux suede lining inside. Each layer of this tray holds about 500 pages of legal files or copy papers. This tray can also hold magazines or books for your convenience. It is durable and modern.

KSh3,600.00  KSh3,450.00

Mouse Pad

Having a great gamming mouse means nothing if you are not using the right surface. Mouse pad provides you tons of movement space for your mouse without any struggle.

KSh950.00  KSh850.00

Leather Photo Frame

Use of desk photo frame is the ideal way to keep photographs of your loved ones nearby, these free-standing photo frames provide you with a quick and easy way to bring a touch of personality to any horizontal surface in your home or office.

KSh850.00  KSh800.00

Small Round Shelves

Floating shelves are a stylish addition to any home, looking great as well as offering practical and useful storage space. Whether you use your shelves to store books and phones or flowers and photo frames, this set has you covered.

KSh6,000.00  KSh5,500.00

Medium Round Shelve

Installing extra shelves and shelving units in your home is a great way to increase your properties storage capacity and to provide a place for all your favorite ornaments and photo frames. They are durable, decorative, firm and modern.

KSh6,000.00  KSh5,500.00

Clear Glass Wall Cabinet

These wall cabinets are made of 100% tempered glass and stainless steel hinges, screws and copper handles. They are mounted on the wall for decoration purposes. They have unique, beautiful patterns and colors, they also create more storage areas in the room. They come in different sizes and they can be used in bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, saunas, hotels, bars and restaurants.

KSh12,000.00  KSh9,280.00

Cartoon Wallpaper

Wallpaper helps in hiding many surface imperfections. It also adds warmth, depth and style to a room that paint simply cannot achieve. Cartoons wallpaper can be used to create a designer look in a child’s room, and can also be applied to just one wall as a feature wall.

KSh2,100.00  KSh1,700.00

Leather Office Dustbin

In interior decor, it’s all about being creative. A beautiful decor is based on being able to think out of the box and to use objects accordingly. By using this decorative leather dustbin will help you enhance your office look and appearance.

KSh3,800.00  KSh3,400.00

Nanny Digital Camera

Hidden cameras for home, (nanny cameras) office, hotel or garage. Hard to make out and serves as a digital table clock. Has NIGHT VISION, MOTION DETECTOR, LOOP RECORDING, VOICE RECORDING and HD (1080p) With Internet connectivity, allows remote recording, surveillance and even email alerts via an easy application installed in your smartphone.

KSh8,500.00  KSh7,500.00

Nanny Hidden Camera

This is a hidden surveillance camera (nanny cameras) for home, office, hotel, salon, shop or garage. Hard to make out and serves as a digital table clock. Has NIGHT VISION, MOTION DETECTOR, LOOP RECORDING, VOICE RECORDING and HD (1080p) With Internet connectivity, allows remote recording, surveillance and even email alerts via an easy application installed in your smartphone.

KSh5,600.00  KSh4,800.00

Two Monkeys Resin Toy

Crafted monkey tabletop toys are the perfect decoration for your home or a gift for your friends and family. They are unique and light in weight. They can be placed on the wall shelves or on the table.

KSh480.00  KSh420.00

Resin Tabletop Cat

Good quality decorative tabletop cat for office, hotel and home uses. It is made of resin material and it is durable, light in weight and has unique craft design.

KSh550.00  KSh500.00

Blue Embossed Wallpaper

This blue PVC wallpapers is very rich in color has a luxurious style, best for office use, bedroom and living room. The price is very affordable and it doesn’t require a lot of work to fix it on the wall. It is also environment friendly.

KSh2,350.00  KSh2,000.00

PVC Brown Wallpaper

This is a self-adhesive wallpaper which is very vibrant, durable and environment friendly to be used in offices and conference rooms. This wallpaper will transform your office in which it will not only look attractive but also will reflect the love and joy of working in that office.

KSh2,500.00  KSh2,350.00

Pink -black Wall Mural

Transform your room with this magnificent floral wall mural. This black and pink flowered mural is made to suit your style, taste and décor. It also represents true beauty of this wonderful and unique flower.

KSh1,500.00  KSh1,350.00

Glittering cream Flowers Wall Mural

We believe in creating a classy environment for a better living. That’s why we have different types of wall murals to cater for every customers taste. This mural is ideal for living room, dining room and in luxurious office.

KSh1,500.00  KSh1,350.00

Fire Truck Souvenir

Fire truck souvenir when placed in the open place it adds accents to your home and make it look much more interesting, decorative and inviting. You can also give it to someone who is a hero as a way of appreciation for their good work.

KSh2,400.00  KSh2,040.00

Sky Ceiling Mural

Create an entire natural environment in your house, office and any other room by using this sky mural on your ceiling. They help to brighten your room and gives a luxurious look that it’s not only unique but also decorative.

KSh1,500.00  KSh1,350.00

Palm Tree

This is artificial Palm tree that is usually used outdoor and indoor for decoration purposes. This tree is always evergreen and has all the beauty of the real appearance throughout the year without the worry of climate change that may affect it.

KSh5,150.00  KSh4,600.00