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We have very beautiful resin boxes, candle holders, flower vases, fruit bowl and other items that make a set of decorative items. We are keen to quality and uniqueness.

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Makeup Kit

Use of makeup kit is one of easiest way of storing and organizing your cosmetic. This is because they are a convenient way to contain everything the owner needs to take with them when travelling, at home and at work. Our makeup kit is unique, classy, spacious, durable and affordable.  

KSh4,500.00  KSh3,600.00

Led Table Clocks

When you are going to buy a clock for your table, don’t buy the only functional one but also the decorative clock that will give you table an impressive complete look. This wooden digital LED table clocks comes in various sizes, shapes and you can easily see the time at night because it provides a bright display.


Triangular Green Led Table Clock

A wooden table top clock adds on to the luxe of your room. This triangular modern design clock looks amazing in any contemporary spaces. A serious office desk, romantic high table or on a utility side table, it can also fit perfectly to any adored corner of your room.


Blue Led Table Clock

This is a triangular wooden digital blue LED alarm table desk clock. The clock also displays temperature at the same time and adds a touch of modern theme to your room or office.


Blue Led Rectangular Table Clock

When we look at clocks, we see more than just the time. Some may see uniqueness, classy, modern and others decor. Use of table clocks in your office and home they reflect your style and help complete your room.


Led Table Lamp & Clock

This is a very modern and convenient desk clock. It has a lamp also making it multifunctional to meet all your needs, for reading, working, relaxing and at the same helping to manage your time perfectly. It has a very sleek looking and doesn't take up too much space hence it is a table clock.


Nanny Digital Camera

Hidden cameras for home, (nanny cameras) office, hotel or garage. Hard to make out and serves as a digital table clock. Has NIGHT VISION, MOTION DETECTOR, LOOP RECORDING, VOICE RECORDING and HD (1080p) With Internet connectivity, allows remote recording, surveillance and even email alerts via an easy application installed in your smartphone.


Nanny Hidden Camera

This is a hidden surveillance camera (nanny cameras) for home, office, hotel, salon, shop or garage. Hard to make out and serves as a digital table clock. Has NIGHT VISION, MOTION DETECTOR, LOOP RECORDING, VOICE RECORDING and HD (1080p) With Internet connectivity, allows remote recording, surveillance and even email alerts via an easy application installed in your smartphone.


Two Monkeys Resin Toy

Crafted monkey tabletop toys are the perfect decoration for your home or a gift for your friends and family. They are unique and light in weight. They can be placed on the wall shelves or on the table.


One Tabletop Monkey

Monkey design craft made of Resin material. This exquisite design of Monkey appearance, is an ideal decorative item to embellish your desktop at home or in the office.


Resin Stone Pot

This is a stone Pot which will wonderfully give a unique and creative look on your office table. Apart from being decorative it can be used as a flower pot and be placed on the floating wall shelves.


Resin Tabletop Cat

Good quality decorative tabletop cat for office, hotel and home uses. It is made of resin material and it is durable, light in weight and has unique craft design.


Resin Baby Tabletop Craft

The design of this baby tabletop crafts enhances the beauty of the place where it is kept. And it can be a gift item to the loved ones. It can be placed on the table, stuck on the wall or placed anywhere in the room where it can be seen clearly.


Resin Fruit Bowl

This fruit bowl brings the new style for holding fresh or artificial fruits on your dining table with its well molded shape. It can also make a perfect gift for the loved ones, your family and friends during the weddings, graduations, birthdays and anniversaries.


Resin Flower Vase

This is a brand new handmade gorgeous fruit bowl resin. This vase is unique and is well designed to meet your home decoration ideas. This vase makes your room appear classy and modern when placed on top of the table.


Resin Jewelry Box

This jewelry box grabs the attention and enriches your house with its goldish effect. It provides a unique and safe place to store even very small jewelry. Apart from being functional it is also decorative and classy.


Resin Tissue Box

Make your bathroom look modern and arranged by using this resin tissue box. The tissue box has  enough space to hold a roll of tissue. The box is very durable and can be wiped with a wet cloth and won't rust, fade or crack.


Resin Table Lamp

Resin table lamp is such a beautiful addition to any home. Perfect size for any table either in study room, bed side table, dining table etc. With its unique design, this desk lamp also makes the perfect present for weddings, baby showers, house warming parties and other special occasions. Add a classic polish to any room.


Resin Big Candle Holder

This unique resin big candle holder will add a new stylish feel to your dining area, bathroom, corridor or kitchen! It is also perfect to give on a wedding day as a gift! Two to three pieces will also collectively put together a sophisticated theme within your house.


Medium Candle Holder

This candle holder not only keep your candle in place, it also provide a decorative accent to your décor. Bright & colorful piece add a bit of design and create an elegant addition to the surrounding. This medium candle holder works great in any room.


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Most of our products can be sold alone and are available in different colors and types. 


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We sell selected products that enhance each other to offer a composite décor effect.


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The best item to send to someone as a gift should be beautiful, unique and trendy.


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There are products that go beyond decoration by serving our daily personal needs.


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Many of our decorative products will fit in to an already decorated environment.


Make Up Décor

Sometimes you just need to add a few décor items to cover up existing errors.