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Durable Candle Holder

Product Code: RCH0001
Availability: 20
Weight: 1.50kg
Dimensions: 18.00cm x 12.00cm x 42.00cm

Price: KSh4,300.00  KSh4,100.00

Nowadays, people view interior decoration in much different approach, as compared to earlier days when it was the last thing to consider. If a house has to be neat and smart, there must be an aesthetic value added by interior decoration items and such items include resin big candle holders. These candle holders enhance beauty in any room in a house. With the mindset that resin candle holders are better used in major houses; there is a fraction of people who still haven’t embraced the idea fully. As opposed to many other shops that will pass items made of stone as resin, we liaise with experts that can identify resin, and also have a unique taste of making the best resin candle holders that can attract the attention of a client. We are a one-stop shop, where all types of resin items are sold. Visit our shop today and you will never regret.

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