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A wall is an important part of a house that can never be over looked. Advancement of technology has contributed to some of the best ways to invest in boosting the aesthetics of your home. Petcarl-Decor is a reliable shop in Kenya that you can visit to buy superior wall decoration products.

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Acrylic Kenyan Map Clock

This is a unique and creative wall design of a Kenyan map. The clock is made of acrylic material. The shield and the Kenyan map are on two separate plates. It also has the Kenyan big five animals i.e. Lion, Elephant, Leopard, Buffalo and Rhino that are stuck on beside the main clock to create a unique and decorative layout. This clock is best for your office and any room in your house.

KSh4,000.00  KSh3,000.00

Acrylic Round Butterfly Clock

They say time flies, just like butterflies. This is a perfect decorative acrylic wall clock for any room. This clock comes with 8 different sized butterflies which can create a unique and decorative layout. They are removable when moving from one house to another. The main clock is 30cm in diameter and its movement is silent.

KSh4,000.00  KSh3,000.00

Acrylic Flowered Wall Clock

This is a simple but classy flowered wall clock. It has a 30cm diameter and 5mm width. It is made of acrylic material which is light in weight, glossy and also durable. The clock is not only functional but also decorative. It has a silent movement thus making it noiseless.

KSh2,700.00  KSh1,800.00

Acrylic Tree Wall Clock

This is a modern creative tree shape with a swing girl pendulum acrylic wall clock. It is a wall surface clock and its diameter is 30cm and width 5mm. Its power supply is batteries. The clock has a silent movement and gives a bright and dynamic wall decoration.

KSh3,200.00  KSh2,500.00

Acrylic Mathematics Wall Clock

This is a modern, bright, home, office and school decor acrylic math’s wall clock. The clock is 30cm in diameter and has a 5mm width. Math clock is a unique gift to give to any student and engineers for the purposes of reading. It has a silent movement to ensure a good working environment.

KSh2,700.00  KSh1,800.00

PVC Embossed Wallpapers

These are embossed wallpapers which are ecofriendly, decorative and easy to install. They are also durable, Anti-static, Fireproof, Moisture-Proof, Mold-Proof, Smoke-Proof, Soundproof, Waterproof and of better quality than paint which can easily chip off and fade quickly. These wallpapers can be used to hide any uneven and rough surfaces on the wall and they also come in plenty designs, colors and patterns that cannot be compared with other wallpapers. They also give the client plenty of choices and the freedom to get his or her desired wallpaper taste.

KSh2,500.00  KSh2,350.00

Non-Woven Wallpapers

Non-Woven wallpapers are very eco-friendly, very decorative, require less effort and they are quicker to install hence saving time unlike wall painting. They also come in different colors and they are made of special blends of natural materials which makes it washable but gently by use of mild soap and a sponge. 


Self Adhesive PVC Wallpapers

Use of wallpapers is one of the modern ways of wall decoration. PVC self-adhesive wallpapers come in different colors, patterns and can also be done customary as per customers’ taste thus creating a unique look and making your room more attractive. These wallpapers are also waterproof, washable, eco-friendly and they are also durable.


Two Shelf Glass Wall Cabinet

These wall cabinets are made of 100% tempered glass and stainless steel hinges, screws and copper handles. They are mounted on the wall for decoration purposes. They have unique, beautiful patterns and colors, they also create more storage areas in the room. They come in different sizes and they can be used in bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, saunas, hotels, bars and restaurants.

KSh9,880.00  KSh8,480.00

Tempered Glass Wall Cabinet

Is your house that small and you even don’t have any place to store some of your items? Worry no more because we have the solution for you. These decorative tempered glass wall cabinets are wall mounted thus creating more storage areas and avoiding congestion in the room. They are all decorative and unique.

KSh9,880.00  KSh8,480.00

Four shelf Glass Wall Cabinet

These cabinets are both functional and decorative. They have four storage shelves that can be used to store flowers, delicate decorative small items, books, wines and wine glasses. They can be used in libraries, living rooms and hotel rooms. The glasses used in these cabinets comes in different colors and patterns.

KSh14,750.00  KSh13,280.00

U-Shaped Glass Floating Shelf

These are modern u-shaped floating display shelves. They are mounted on the wall to add a refreshing element in your room and to decorate your room. They can be used to display photo frames, books movies and makeups.

KSh5,600.00  KSh4,335.00

C-Shaped Glass Floating Shelf

These c shaped shelves spice up your homes decor and create multifunctional storage area in the offices, homes and hotels. They are easy to install and if one have two or three of them, they can create a layout that suits your taste and style. They also serve as a great wall decoration.

KSh5,250.00  KSh4,250.00

Unique Glass Floating Shelf

Wall shelves turn empty walls into a great to store and display decorative items. These wall mounted shelves will help keep your room tidy, attractive and organized. They can be used in bathrooms, kitchen and in the office.

KSh5,500.00  KSh4,420.00

African Woman Wall Painting

A picture is worth a thousand words and as well as providing a welcoming environment to customers and guests. Pictures also help to communicate and bring life to a dead space. These paintings are for african woman 100% handmade, new, modern and have unique designs hence used for decoration purposes in homes, offices, lobby, saunas and hotels.

KSh10,500.00  KSh9,650.00

Abstract Wall Painting

Wall painting pictures is one of the most modern ways of wall decoration. Pictures provides a welcoming environment to customers and guests. Pictures also blends well with surrounding paints they also help to communicate and bring life to a dead space. These paintings rejuvenate your spirit by giving your house a modern wall art decor hence used for decoration purposes in the bedrooms, kitchen, living rooms and study rooms.


Landscape Wall Painting

This is a landscape painting which create the effect of an extra window in your room. This landscape art is unique, classy, modern and decorative. Landscape wall paint can be used in homes, restaurants, hotels and conference rooms.


Water Bodies Wall Painting

Landscape paintings is soothing and relaxing because most of the time our bodies respond positively to nature and it tends to be a focal point of the room. This wall painting also blends well with surrounding paints making the room look more attractive, eye appealing and modern. This painting is capturing bodies of water and is commonly used in homes, hotel rooms and living rooms.

KSh10,500.00  KSh9,750.00

4 Set Cube shelves

Use of cube shelves is one of the modern ways of creating extra storage areas in one’s room. Cube shelves comes in different sizes, shapes and materials. They are also decorative unlike the rigid straight shelves and they can simply be stacked together or placed in a certain pattern to compliment the design of a room.

KSh13,000.00  KSh9,350.00

Round Wall Shelves - Set of 3

Redefine your space by adding these round geometric, floating round shelves set to any wall of your room. They also enhance the décor of your room making it more appealing, modern and attractive. They come in different sizes and colors. With these shelves in your room one is able to utilize your room space and use it cleverly.


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