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Modern Wall Painting

Product Code: WP0002
Availability: Out Of Stock (Product will be available at: 01-10-2017)
Weight: 1.70kg
Dimensions: 170.00cm x 100.00cm x 2.80cm
Tags: Hot Product

Price: KSh9,150.00  KSh7,500.00

Decorating your home with wall art is not just about getting the right painting. Sometimes knowing how to display art in your home is what adds a color of beauty in your house. Displaying a modern wall painting involves taking into consideration the theme and the colors in your house and how the wall painting interacts with the existing décor. Since most of the homeowners prefer wall art that has plenty of color and character, you can obtain abstract wall painting for your house to create a welcoming environment to your guests. Putting an abstract wall painting in a room means that you are automatically turning it into a focal point in the space. It really attracts visitors due to its uniqueness and beauty. Abstract paintings can be installed in any room in a house. Looking for an abstract painting selling shop in Kenya? You can visit Petcarl Décor shop to buy classy and affordable wall paintings.

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