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Frame Wall Hooks These hooks are ideal for hanging picture frames, clocks or can also be used to decorate wooden wall.. Product #: FWH0001 based on 0 reviews Regular price: KSh20.00 KSh20.00 200

Modern Hooks

Product Code: FWH0001
Availability: 200
Weight: 0.15kg
Dimensions: 5.10cm x 1.00cm x 1.00cm
Tags: Hot Product

Price: KSh20.00

While people are decorating their houses, frame wall hooks are probably one of the most under-appreciated decorative items. They are very important items that people will least consider, however they are very important around the house. They come in all shapes and sizes, whose major uses are to keep the house organized. The type of hooks that one uses depends on what is to be hanged, which ranges from a heavy duty hook to a small command hook. Many people will not consider buying wall hooks until they realize how easy it is to lose minor things around the house. Modern wall hooks may be the most flexible of all accessories, which are a great addition to the convenient storage around the house. These hooks can fit anywhere around your home whether it's for hanging towels in the bathroom, wall clocks, wall paintings, or even extra bags that you have lying around your bedroom.

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