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Decorative Wall Hook

Product Code: DWH0001
Availability: 40
Weight: 0.26kg
Dimensions: 15.00cm x 3.50cm x 15.00cm

Price: KSh360.00  KSh350.00

Digit wall hooks have endless uses, and although many people will go for them at the last minute, their uses are unlimited. Although a digit wall hook may only be considered as an organizing tool, it is also very necessary to ensure that they are beautiful and classy. They should have the ability to give a house a touch of beauty, the reason why when buying them, it’s very necessary to ensure that you look for a shop where they sell the best wall hooks. Keep your home tidy with a design from our range of digit wall hooks. A single digit wall hook on the back of a bathroom door is the perfect place to hang your towels. As well as being practical, digit wall hooks can be a part of your overall interior design. There are many ways that these versatile items can be used around the house;

  • Keys- a hook next to a door will always give easy and quick access to opening a door.
  • Cup lids- Better used in the kitchen, ideal to hold cup lids
  • Hats- It gives a person an easy time to check and pick the hat they prefer
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