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Decorative Digital Table Clocks

Digital Table Clocks

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Digital Calendar

This is ideal clock for people of all ages! Great for Home, Office or even Classroom use. The clock displays exact time clearly and bright that can be seen from across the room. This clock does not use batteries can be used as a Desk clock or Wall clock.

KSh5,200.00  KSh4,550.00

Led Table Clocks

When you are going to buy a clock for your table, don’t buy the only functional one but also the decorative clock that will give you table an impressive complete look. This wooden digital LED table clocks comes in various sizes, shapes and you can easily see the time at night because it provides a bright display.

KSh2,600.00  KSh2,250.00

Triangular Green Led Table Clock

A wooden table top clock adds on to the luxe of your room. This triangular modern design clock looks amazing in any contemporary spaces. A serious office desk, romantic high table or on a utility side table, it can also fit perfectly to any adored corner of your room.

KSh2,200.00  KSh1,750.00

Blue Led Table Clock

This is a triangular wooden digital blue LED alarm table desk clock. The clock also displays temperature at the same time and adds a touch of modern theme to your room or office.

KSh2,200.00  KSh1,850.00

Blue Led Rectangular Table Clock

When we look at clocks, we see more than just the time. Some may see uniqueness, classy, modern and others decor. Use of table clocks in your office and home they reflect your style and help complete your room.

KSh3,200.00  KSh2,750.00

Led Table Lamp & Clock

This is a very modern and convenient desk clock. It has a lamp also making it multifunctional to meet all your needs, for reading, working, relaxing and at the same helping to manage your time perfectly. It has a very sleek looking and doesn't take up too much space hence it is a table clock.

KSh3,500.00  KSh2,950.00