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Rectangular Table Clock

Product Code: RTC
Availability: 5
Weight: 800.00kg
Dimensions: 20.80cm x 4.50cm x 8.80cm

Price: KSh3,200.00  KSh2,750.00

A clock is an item that gives people the chance and ability to plan ahead, have proper management of issues and also learn to do the right things and at the right time. As a shop whose priority is to meet the demand of clients, we sell beautiful and classy LED table clocks. Searching for a shop where you can buy quality LED table clock? Petcarl-Décor is a reliable shop that you can visit to buy what you are looking for. We are a very established shop all over the country, giving people in Kenya the chance to buy unique table clocks that can quench their thirst for quality products. We extend our products to other varieties, which you can only get to know if you visit our shop. We know that the best is what you expect from us, which we deliver at a price that won’t be biased towards any side. You will surely see the worth of your money in the products we sell to you. Remember, we operate through online and physical means. Reaching us is guaranteed.

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