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LED Table Clock

Product Code: LTC0001
Availability: 5
Weight: 800.00g
Dimensions: 21.00cm x 10.00cm x 9.00cm

Price: KSh2,200.00  KSh1,850.00

A wristwatch or a wall clock is likely to be damaged maybe by water while bathing or falling from the wall, but when it comes to a blue LED table clock, it is very safe to use and easy to handle. This is a clock that will take less space, and also come with class and decoration ability. One of the reasons why a client will buy an LED table clock is due to its quality, stain resistance level, modernity and its ability to last. This is the reason why the manufacturers that any seller liaises with should be very qualified, familiar with the current market and have the best materials to make the clocks; however, greed for easy money has made many people produce counterfeit products. Clients that have fallen victim to buying such products could be very hard to convince that there are quality table clocks, although there is always a way into the heart of a client.

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