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Decorative Table clocks

Product Code: LEDC0001
Availability: 5
Weight: 155.00g
Dimensions: 10.00cm x 10.00cm x 10.00cm

Price: KSh2,600.00  KSh2,250.00

The use of led table clocks is on the rise, seeing this is a clock that’s easy to access, and at times it also acts as an alarm clock. Being made from a durable and classy material, a Led table clock enhances the look of a house and adds value to it. These are items that although many people have used them, they can’t be guaranteed of durability unless they are carefully handled. This is why when people are out to buy these items, it’s very necessary to ensure that they have a professional interior decorator to assist them. This is where we come in, to sell items that are of high quality and guaranteed of durability. When you purchase LED table clock at our shop, we do offer professional advice on how and where to use the items. Designing services are also available with us, which is an added advantage to clients who want to give their houses and offices a beautiful transformation.

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