After Sales Service

Once you buy items from us, we are interested to offer you satisfactory and professional customer service.

Online Sales:

Once an order is placed and paid for, a confirmation email is sent to the buyer and then one of our customer service representatives will call the customer and confirm the payments and advise on the delivery arrangements as well as providing a dispatch number.

Items Delivery.

We have 3 delivery and product shipment options as detailed HERE.

Installation Services

As of now, we are not offering installation services but we can recommend you to use competent third party service providers. We offer installation manuals and could at times recommend some experts to offer the installation services. However, the dealings between the third party service providers and clients are excluded and not counted as part of the sale.

Product Review.

Since our products are luxurious and consumer end products, we advise our clients to review them keenly before purchasing and paying. We treat all sales as final and insist on proper consultations and products review prior to item purchase.


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