Privacy Statement

Any organization that does not have rules and regulations to be followed cannot work effectively, and for this reason, we have the policies to be followed for a smooth operation between us and the clients. Before you make the decision to purchase our interior wall decoration accessories, it's very necessary that you get to know about our rules. Some of the includes;

Collecting the Necessary Details

When you visit our website and make an indication that you want to purchase our products, we will inquire about your name, email, and phone number. These are the most important information that describes you to us, which are very important for communication. It will be easy for us to reach for your feedback even after selling our products to you, to know whether you still are enjoying our services.

Information Security

Although we have a large number of clients purchasing the same kind of interior décor items, it does not mean that we let others see your details on what you have ordered. We keep all the information only between us, something that has helped us gain more clients since no one would want everyone to get access to their information. What we are selling to you is solely yours; therefore the other person or customer has no right to see what you purchase.

Observation of Children Online Privacy Protection Act

Anyone that is under 18 years of age is considered to be a child by the government, and therefore they are not allowed to conduct any kind of business as they are supposed to be in school. Whether online or not, we do not sell our products to children since it is against the law, and since we are a law-abiding shop we ensure to observe the act. If the child needs to buy interior decor for their rooms, then the person to purchase the products must be their guardian or parent.

Customer Care Services

You may have some unanswered questions that need clarification, always feel free to contact us at any given time rest assured of a fulfilling and satisfactory response. Place your order today and for sure you will never regret purchasing our interior decor items.