Feel very welcome to our interior décor items shop, we are you very reliable partner that helps you change the look of your office or house from ordinary to a classy & beautiful home. Our decorating accessories come in different sizes and varieties, which means that what you need is what you purchase. You will get to choose between wall arts, wallpapers, mirrors and canvas paintings among others, and once you have decided to purchase our products we will be sure that you have read and understood all our terms.

Pricing Policy;

Considering that we sell different products both in category and variety, the prices also come in differently. This means that every commodity is purchased at its own price, and this could also be influenced by any additional or custom services.

Pre-order/Custom Order Items Policy

If you need custom products or out of stock products, then you need to submit a deposit of not less than 50% of the total item(s) cost and confirm to the provided availability timeline. The time required for the product to be available and ready depends on the said item and involved a custom process of product development. If reasons beyond our ability would cause delays in product availability and readiness, we would quickly notify our clients. The 50% pre-order deposit is not refundable unless the products are not delivered and within the pre-order policy or are defective. Either way 10% service cost is non-refundable.

Delivery Policy

Being a shop that largely operates online, we receive requests from clients who are far and others that are near. We offer affordable shipping/delivery services to our clients.

We have 3 options for items delivery.

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The Product Review Policy

Warranty Statement

Unclear Instructions

We sell our products based on what you tell us, and for that reason, we need you to first take time to settle on the items that you need. In case you order for certain items and then realize that they are not suitable for your office or house, we will not be accountable for that since we followed your instructions. All we can do is to sell you new ones, which is not good as it will be huge losses. Always give clear and correct instructions.

Money Back Guarantee

You have the right to reject an item and inquire for your money, but this can only happen if the items get damaged in our custody. Once you have reviewed and bought and fixed the accessories on your wall, it is not possible for us to take them back or refund your money. Such incidents are very rare.

Purchasing our services can be done through any method that you find convenient to you, although we highly discourage stolen money as it is a crime punishable by law. We await your order, rest assured of the most long-lasting, beautiful and modern interior decor items.