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Resin Stone Pot
KSh650.00  KSh600.00
Resin Fruit Bowl
KSh6,600.00  KSh6,000.00
Floating Corner Shelf
KSh2,250.00  KSh2,100.00
6 Set Square Cube Shelves
KSh12,750.00  KSh10,750.00
Cartoon Wallpaper
KSh2,100.00  KSh1,700.00
Love Floating Shelves
KSh9,850.00  KSh8,050.00

Wallpaper Suppliers in Kenya | PVC wall Papers

Purchase Affordable PVC Wallpapers

Reliable Wallpaper Sellers in KenyaFor quite a long time, people have always seen PVC as products to use in covering the floors of their houses to avoid catching cold. The emergence of wallpaper sellers that have the best items made from PVC have changed everything, since they are now being used for decoration. The good thing is that they aren’t only being placed on the floor, but also on the walls. The advancement of technology has taken a huge toll in the world of interior decor, leading to the production of the finest wall papers suitable in decoration. There are very improved machinery used to manufacture such items, making it convenient for people to get any type of wall papers that they need. Although PVC items are used both on floors and walls, they will certainly have a slight difference. We offer reliable tips on using PVC to decorate the walls of a house, as well as the floors among other areas. The color of your walls and other interiors largely matters, since you do not what your house to look crowded and awkward instead of being beautiful. If you are looking for quality PVC items that are best used as wall papers in a place like Kenya, kindly head to our shop where the best selection of products are found. 

Professional Wall Decorating Experts

Since the ancient times, decoration is something that has been done either on stones or to people themselves. Even today, there are tribes that still curve images or patterns on their bodies as a part of decoration. In the past people were more engaged with bodily decoration, but as technology takes toll in the lives of people even houses are now being decorated. A house is a place to live in, but then you can give it a touch of beauty to make it an elegant home. With the help of qualified wall decorators, it will be very easy for you to make your house a better place to live in. How would it feel to welcome a group of friends into a home that looks elegant and beautiful? Isn’t that the kind of reception that you want to give your friends and family members? We are reliable wallpaper suppliers in Kenya, a place with people who have skills and expertise in that field. The decorators do not only have the ability to decorate, they are also skilled in terms of determining the kind of interior wall decorating items that suits your house. This is in terms of the color of your walls, the shape of your house and its size. If you are looking PVC wallpaper selling shop in Kenya, then feel free to visit Petcarl Décor.

Why you Should Choose our PVC Wall Papers?

reliable wallpaper sellersThe main reason why our products have always been preferred by many people is durability, since these are items that one buys and lasts for a long time. We are among the most reputable Kenya based suppliers who sell the best items, through both physical and online means. We have been able to meet the demands of very many clients, who have in various occasions inquired for genuine items to decorate their houses. We have been classified among the best suppliers that have the most outstanding items from Kenya, products that have been made from high quality materials. Although there are other shops that genuinely compete with us, we make an effort to improve the customer experience by offering the best customer care services. We got wallpapers made of PVC sold affordably by Kenya based suppliers, something that very much sets us apart from other sellers. Everyone prefers to buy items at a price that will be very affordable, but then are you certain of the quality of items you are buying? We have high quality items used in the decoration of various places, which are durable, modern, not prone to fading and classy. You will certainly realize the worth of your money with the transformation of your house.

Legit Wallpaper Selling Shop

When you have consulted with wall decorating experts, you will realize that your house can be completely transformed into a very beautiful place. Maybe you have known your home as a place that has a monotonous look, but after using PVC wall papers, you will give your house a touch of beauty and thus witness a great transformation. You need not to go from one shop to the other looking for interior décor items, since we are a one stop shop that has all that’s required in decoration. Our wall decorating items are very accessible, to all people whether near or far. This is because our shop operates both physically and online, giving everyone the chance to purchase our goods from wherever they are. The distance from us doesn’t mean difficulties in getting your products, considering that we offer transportation services although for selected items. Wallpaper installation help is also provided, especially to products that need expertise to fix. One thing to be sure is that we shall help you give your home a touch of beauty, with finest items that come at affordable rates. Do away with the monotonous look of your house by purchasing & using the best interior décor items.