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File & Document Holder
KSh3,600.00  KSh3,450.00
Resin Floor Lamp
KSh10,050.00  KSh8,750.00
Pendant Light
KSh4,560.00  KSh3,900.00
Brown Brick Wallpaper
KSh2,100.00  KSh1,800.00
Palm Tree
KSh5,150.00  KSh4,600.00
Medium Desk Organizer
KSh1,750.00  KSh1,600.00

3D Wall Murals for Sale | Quality Decorative Wall Panels

Latest Wall Decoration Products

Cheap wall murals for saleIf you think about it, living in a house that has a single color ceiling, floor and walls could seem very monotonous. Don’t you think that making a change is necessary? You may decide to do some homemade decoration, but that may not be as elegant and outstanding as one done by a qualified interior wall & ceiling designer. There is bound to be a huge difference since an interior designer has the skills and know-how on what to use where and how around the house. This means that if you have decided to add quality wall covering products in your house, it is recommendable to hire a qualified expert designer. What you intend to do is to add aesthetic value to your house, and for that reason, the best interior decor expertise is what should be exercised on your house walls and ceiling. You may need to know why there is the emphasis on hiring a qualified interior wall designer. They meet your expectations, they help you save a lot of time, they are fully detailed on decoration, they know just what your house needs, they know the colors to combine or not and they ease stress by taking over the task. If it was listing their benefits, then it would be endless. The best thing to do is not to just liaise with any decorator since interior designers have what it takes to make a change and transform your house into a very beautiful home. Looking for the latest 3D wall murals for sale? Visit Petcarl.co.ke and you will never be disappointed.

Buy Quality Wall Murals at Affordable Prices

Decorative wall panelsAffordable wall murals are found in various outlets, but then it is only a fraction of the same that have the best accessories. We happen to be one of the shops that sell high-quality wall murals and panels, a shop that is sufficient to all clients whether far or near. This regards the fact that we operate both physically and online, making sure that anyone that needs our 3D leather panels for sale has the chance to access our products. We hire both decorators and interior designers, which means that we also offer designing services. Many clients who have bought wall decoration products at our shop can attest to the fact that we are the best since we extend our helping hand to install and transport the products whenever necessary. We highly emphasize that clients use very classy and beautiful wall murals since they have the following advantages.

  • They blend with any modern design around the house
  • The space around the house is well balanced
  • They create a look that’s sharp and modern
  • They make a small room look larger

You should consider purchasing our items since we liaise with manufacturers that produce up-to-date, fashionable, long-lasting and stylish products.