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Resin Cock Statue
KSh7,980.00  KSh6,900.00
Brown Floral Carpet
KSh2,000.00  KSh1,900.00
Blue-White Carpet
KSh2,100.00  KSh1,900.00
Blue Foam Stickers
KSh990.00  KSh820.00
Glass Leather Ashtray
KSh2,450.00  KSh2,100.00
Brown Effect Wallpaper
KSh1,900.00  KSh1,700.00

Sitting room wall papers | Kids room Wallpapers

Best WallPapers for Sitting Room

Quality Kids Bedroom WallPapersWhen someone starts a family, it is likely that children will come forth along the way. Once the kids are quite grown, you will give them a room which they will sleep in and at times use to do their personal activities. There are items that kids prefer to decorate a room, which may at times end up messing up the house since they do not have the knowledge of the way a room should be decorated. As a parent, you may choose to assist your children make their room beautiful. There are quality and durable items that should be used in a room occupied by kids, and in this case a lot of precaution should be taken. Kids will always be kids, and therefore they may end up playing with the items used for decoration. You therefore need to use the best wall papers suitable for a room used by kids, items that cannot hurt the children or break easily. You could even use educative wall papers, which have alphabets written on them as well as other items that are relevant to education. What you need to make sure is that you have purchased wall papers that are quality, durable and trendy, items that will meet the expectations of the kids. 

Quality Wallpapers at an Affordable Price

Being a shop that has always sold sitting room wallpapers, we are very familiar with the current market. This means that besides selling products that are very durable, classy and original; we are also able to sell kids room wallpapers that are very modern. We have the knowledge that people will always be looking for items that have different designs, and for that reason why have selected experts that are qualified in designing. This is an assurance that if you are in need of wallpapers that can be installed in the sitting room and are not among the selection that we have, your needs shall still be met to maximum satisfaction. Our products have never disappointed, considering that our manufacturers are very professional and always makes sure to use original and quality materials. As opposed to many shops that will sell wallpapers in Kenya at very high prices, our wallpapers are purchased at very reasonable charges. We do not overcharge our clients, since our main goal isn’t only about money but also transforming your house into a beautiful home. We provide shipping services, which also come hand in hand with installation assistance. This is however determined by the type of an item, its price and the distance. Make your house a beautiful home today.

Does your Sitting-Room need a Touch of Beauty?

Quality Wallpapers for saleYou may concentrate with the kids very much, only to forget that your sitting room also needs to be beautiful. This is the room that people usually take their guests to, which makes it even more necessary to keep it colorful.  There are quality wall papers that decorate a sitting room, which are found in various shops that include ours. We happen to be one of the shops that make it possible for people to transform the looks of their houses, since our items are very modern and classy. We at times offer directives on how to decorate a sitting room with high quality items, services that we offer to ensure that we meet the demands of every client that purchase goods with us. This will be determined by the type of item, seeing that there are accessories that require professional help to install. As a person that’s looking forward to buy products that makes a sitting room beautiful and classy, our shop is the best place to be. Our prices are very affordable, making it more beneficial since you will purchase quality goods within your financial reach. We also offer consultation services, since you may not know what kind of items that would suit the background of your sitting room. We assist clients in choosing the best items to use in decorating a sitting room, and believe it when we tell you that everything works out for the better. With us, be sure that your kid’s room and sitting room shall have that look you have very much longed for.

Trustworthy Wallpaper Selling Shop in Thika

You may have been to various homes, only to find a stunning look that makes the house look so elegant. This is because people have realized that besides building a house and placing all the necessary furniture, there is much more needed to make the house look more stunning. This is through interior wall decoration, something that’s best done by professionals. Besides plastering your house walls and floor as well as installing a ceiling, there are other items that could kill the monotonous look that your house has always had. These items include decorative wall papers, wall stickers & decals, wall clocks, mirrors, cube shelves, beautiful lighting system and glass shelves among others. These are items that you can find in various wallpaper selling shops, which are sold all over the country. One major challenge is the presence of counterfeit items, which makes clients lose faith in buying decoration products. Everyone wants an item that will last, up to date, classy and original, but unfortunately not every shop you enter will actually sell such products.