Grey Foam Sticker
KSh990.00  KSh820.00
Document & File Tray
KSh3,600.00  KSh3,450.00
Blue Foam Stickers
KSh990.00  KSh820.00
Small Rectangular Mirror
KSh13,325.00  KSh11,500.00
Resin Horse Statue
KSh4,410.00  KSh4,000.00

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Wall Pictures for Sale | Custom Wall Arts – Kenya

Wall Arts and Custom Décor Pictures Selling Shop

When you build a house, you would like to make it very presentable and beautiful. This may make you realize that “I need classy pictures that can enhance my house wall(s) appearance,” which means that you would be looking for a reliable shop that sells interior decor items. Wall arts and pictures are among the decoration accessories that we sell, since we are a shop that has always liaised with most reliable manufactures.  If you are looking for custom wall(s) pictures used for decoration that are on sale, we are the people to consult. Our products shall make your house walls look very elegant, since they are not only quality but also very modern, classy, trendy and beautiful. Our products are made with materials that guarantee durability, therefore when looking for classy pictures that create presentable arts as a part of interior decor you should consider our products.

Buy Affordable Wall Decoration Products

One very important thing about house decorative items for sale is that they are useful in other ways, which makes them very convenient to use. Their usefulness and relevance calls for quality, the reason why you need to buy them from a shop that sells the best decorative products in Kenya. We are that interior décor shop you may be looking for, which operates both online and physically. We personally design our items, which mean that we also offer designing services. You should never worry even if what you need is not among the items that we have, since we can design any type of an item according to your taste and preference. Our decoration products are very affordable as well, which we at times assist with transportation and installation. This will depend on the kind of an item, therefore be sure that we are here to meet your demands to the fullest. Let your house or office get that beautiful look you have been yearning for by using our very trendy, classy, durable, modern and quality decorative accessories.

Searching for Kenyan Wall Arts Retailers?

wall arts and decorationMaybe you are situated in Kenya, and you could be looking for the most reliable shops that sell interior decor accessories. We are Kenya based sellers with custom designer accessories on sale, which people access and purchase without any challenge. By this we mean that we are a shop that sells items to clients in person, and also to those that place orders online. Being far from us doesn’t mean that you will delay receiving your items, since we provide transportation services although distance and the price of the item are considered. We have the best wall interior decor accessories suitable for arts in Kenya, which will surely help you transform the look of your house to your preferred taste.  Our prices are very much considered before settling on certain charges, which means that you won’t be digging very deep into your pockets to purchase our products. If you are looking for beautiful & custom arts accessories on sale in Kenya, we are only a call or email away. 

Superior House & Office Decorating Items

When you enter your house or office, what is the first thing that you see? Have you realized that you always look around to ensure that everything is clean, smart and beautiful? How would it feel to one day enter your house or office and find it decorated with classy & custom wall arts? We are sure that it’s your wish to make that room look more beautiful, the reason why there are various online and physical interior décor shops in Kenya selling wall pictures. These are outlets that sell a variety of items, which you can use to decorate your house right from living room, bathroom and kitchen among other areas. Offices are not left out either, considering that these custom wall arts for sale come in a wide range. The items sold are not just used for decorating the inside, but also the outside as in the case or corner and wall protective guards. As the word goes, they decorate as well as protect your house or office from any kind damage that may be caused by traffic either from people or vehicles. Need to change the look of your house or office by using custom pictures on walls? Try Petcarl Décor and you will be impressed.

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