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PVC Embossed Wallpapers
KSh2,350.00  KSh2,000.00
Floating Corner Shelf
KSh2,250.00  KSh2,100.00
Self Adhesive Vegetation Wallpaper
KSh2,100.00  KSh1,800.00
Artificial Mixed Succulent
KSh2,650.00  KSh2,400.00
Purple Foam Sticker
KSh850.00  KSh690.00
Document & File Tray
KSh3,600.00  KSh3,450.00

Wall Paper Shops in Kenya | Thika Wallpapers Shop

PVC Small Bricks Wallpaper
KSh2,100.00  KSh1,800.00
Self Adhesive Cartoon Wallpaper
KSh1,900.00  KSh1,700.00
Self Adhesive Checked Wallpaper
KSh2,500.00  KSh2,350.00
Cloudy Blue Wallpaper
KSh2,100.00  KSh1,800.00
Self Adhesive Blue Wallpaper
KSh2,100.00  KSh1,800.00
Blue Embossed Wallpaper
KSh2,350.00  KSh2,000.00
Golden Floral Wallpaper
KSh1,900.00  KSh1,700.00
Flowered Brown Wallpaper
KSh2,350.00  KSh2,000.00
Orange Floral Wallpaper
KSh2,350.00  KSh2,000.00
Golden floral Wallpaper
KSh1,900.00  KSh1,700.00
Cartoon Wallpaper
KSh2,100.00  KSh1,700.00
Self Adhesive PVC Wallpapers
KSh2,100.00  KSh1,800.00
Embossed Wallpaper
KSh2,350.00  KSh2,000.00
Light Marble Wallpaper
KSh2,350.00  KSh2,100.00
Red Brick Wallpaper
KSh2,100.00  KSh1,800.00
Restaurant Mural
KSh15,000.00  KSh1,350.00
Brown Checked Wallpaper
KSh1,900.00  KSh1,700.00
Non-Woven Cream Wallpaper
KSh1,900.00  KSh1,700.00

Reliable Wall Paper Sellers in Thika

In the past, items like interior decor accessories could only be found mainly out of the country. With the help of technology, there have been an emergence of retailers from Kenya with the most beautiful and classy products. This is through the introduction of various machines suitable in tailoring interior decor items, although it takes professionalism and skills to do so. When searching for quality wall papers sold in shops around Kenya, we want to assure you that we can meet your demands. Wall papers have been largely used in decoration, something that has led to the sprouting of fraudulent persons who are after financial gains. On realization that “I need to find a shop that sells the best wall papers,” we urge you to trust us. Our products are manufactured using the right materials, in the proper way and by the right people. This means that what we sell to you shall be very genuine and quality, items that will last and keep your house beautiful for long. Do not worry too much searching for reliable sellers around Kenya that sell genuine interior decor items, since we are only a mouse click away.

Genuine Interior Decor Shop in Kenya

As time goes, the things that we used to do in the past also changes. This does not apply on one thing, but everything that have to do with everyday life. Do you know that your house or office is a part of your life? Obviously they are. You may have seen many people seek help and advice from people, regarding the way their houses should look. In such a situation, you will never receive the assistance that you deserve. If you want to give your house a touch of beauty, then visiting an wallpaper shop is the best decision to make. You will not only find a person that’s just ready to sell products to you, but an individual that’s very conversant with everything that have to do with interior wall decoration. This means that any assistance regarding how you should decorate your house or office shall be offered, but this will apply if the person selling is skilled. One thing to note is that you don’t just pick decoration wallpapers and install on your walls, without first determining the shape, color and size of your house or office. The importance of considering the look of your house is to make sure that your home doesn’t look surprised, and this is something you can only achieve by seeking advice. If you are looking for a wallpaper selling shop in Thika, then feel free to consult us.

Looking for Interior Decor Items Shop in Thika?

Custom wallpapers for saleYou could be situated in Thika, and therefore be looking for a shop that is based around the area. This is surely your lucky day, considering that we have a branch in Thika that sells all types of wall papers. We are however a Kenya based shop that supply wall papers in Thika and beyond, which means that we are not limited to sell our items only in the area. Do not forget that we sell all types of interior decor accessories; feel free to inquire for any other type of item that you may need to compliment the wall papers. As a shop based in Thika that sells the best wall papers, we know that we need to fully satisfy the clients. This is why if you are a client that lives in the outskirts of Thika; we at times take the initiative to transport your products although it’s very much determined by distance and price. We are the best online & physical shop that sells quality wallpapers in Thika, which are not only long-lasting, stunning, stylish, fashionable and up-to-date but also very affordable. Many people in Thika and beyond have come to know of our products by visiting us or rather browsing about us, and at the end of the day they rate us as suppliers that sell finest products to people in Thika and other areas. What are you waiting for? Purchase our goods today and give your house a very elegant and classy appearance.

Buy the Best Interior Decor Items in the Market

There are very many wallpaper selling shops in Kenya that sell interior décor items, but among the few that guarantees quality and original products is our shop. We operate through online means as well as physically, making sure that no one has been left out regardless of the distance. Once you have visited our interior décor shop Thika, we give you the liberty to choose the kind of items you need but at the same time our guidance is always available. Our manufacturers are qualified people, persons that merge their expertise and quality materials to produce the most durable, fine and beautiful wallpapers. Use of such materials also helps us sell updated products, which will not be getting outdated any time soon. Our products are sold at very affordable rates, prices that have been deliberated on before being settled upon. You will not be buying our products at extreme prices, items that we will also transport and install for you in regard to distance and the type of the accessory. Buy the most durable wallpapers in Kenya that will give your home the transformation you seek.